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Virtual Stethoscope Assessments

Complete your virtual care program with the best sounding remote stethoscope.

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Videoconferencing alone is not enough. As care teams become more distributed, providers will need ways to replicate the quality of an in-person visit in their virtual care settings.

How Eko Supports Telehealth

Virtual Physical Exams

Listen to stethoscope sounds with the same quality as if you were in the same room.

Unified Care Team

Connect geographically distributed providers with the physical exam information they need to operate as a single care team.

Fit for Any Setting

Deploy telehealth services across inpatient, outpatient, specialist, community, and home care settings.

Connect With Specialists

Connect patients with specialists in real time with Live Stream or asynchronously by sharing recordings.

It’s about reducing friction. By bringing care to the patient through technologies like Eko, we can catalyze the evolution of patient experience at Sutter Health.
Albert C.
Vice President and Chief of Digital Patient Experience, Sutter Health
I’m really impressed with the quality of auscultation sounds. And my efficiency in virtual exams is as good as in-person visits.
Jagmeet S.
Jagmeet S.
Telehealth is a valuable tool that providers can add to their toolbox to improve care with our vulnerable patient population. This is an excellent way to protect our patients and our employees from infectious diseases.
Vickie P.
Nurse Practitioner, AMFM Practice Administrator
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