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Automated disease detection is now included with all stethoscopes (US only).

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How Eko works. We made detecting heart disease during exams as efficient as possible.

Eko automatically checks for murmurs and AFib¹ in the background of your exams
Murmur Detection with 88% sensitivity & 88% specificity²
AFib Detection using DUO with 99% sensitivity & 97% specificity²
Analysis trained using the world’s largest data set of real-life heart sounds
Listen wirelessly using the Bluetooth-enabled device of your choice
Send a HIPAA-compliant live stream for telemedicine exams in a single click
Spot Check: A single-position exam that records and analyzes a 15-second clip
Cardiac Exam Mode: A complete 4-point guided assessment to maximize accuracy
Generate and share reports to any device in just one tap
Eko helps hundreds of thousands of clinicians deliver exceptional care

The Next Generation of Heart Disease Detection

Intelligent Analyses You Can Trust

In clinical studies, Eko detected atrial fibrillation with 99% sensitivity and 97% specificity and heart murmurs with 88% sensitivity and 88% specificity.² When compared to the performance of trained cardiologists, Eko’s detection accuracy was comparable to that of human experts.

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A Guided, Efficient, Comprehensive Assessment

The Eko App is designed to run in the background so it doesn't interfere with your routine. But when you need a deeper look, activate Cardiac Exam mode for a complete 4-point auscultation.

Access Data Anywhere

Store unlimited recordings, waveform visualizations, and findings. Our secure, HIPAA-compliant, and cloud-based software lets you capture and access information from any iOS or Android device.

Telehealth Capabilities

The Eko App makes it easy to assess heart and lung sounds in virtual care settings.

  • Generate and share an exam report in just a few taps.
  • Store unlimited heart and lung sounds for future reference.
  • Connect a remote listener to a private, encrypted live stream³.
Teaching & Learning Tool

Use the Eko App as an audible and visual teaching aid for patients, students, residents, or yourself. For a quick reference to heart sounds, lung sounds, phonocardiogram, and electrocardiogram check out Eko Academy.

If I hear a heart sound suspicious of disease, Eko accurately confirms it in seconds. This helps me to determine care decisions and refer to a specialist confidently when appropriate. My patients even enjoy how they can engage with the App, and I feel I'm a better clinician.
Joanna K.
Family Medicine Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the prior Eko App and the new Eko App?

The new Eko App provides access to Eko’s murmur detection, tachycardia detection, bradycardia detection, AFib detection (Eko DUO), and sinus rhythm detection (with Eko DUO). It offers Cardiac Exam Mode, Spot Check, and Quick Record Mode, among other new features such as volume boost control and new background connection settings.

Latest version of the Eko app initially available in US app stores only.

What stethoscopes does the Eko App work with?

How does Eko Automated Heart Disease Detection or AI-analysis work?

What phones does the new Eko App work on?

Can the Eko App be used for telemedicine, virtual, or home care?

How is the data stored? Where is the data stored?

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1. AFib detection available when using DUO with the Eko App (available for U.S. only)
2. Eko AI Validation White Paper
3. Telehealth subscription required for live streaming