Make the Most Out of Every Exam
Eko App

Make the Most Out of Every Exam

The Eko App is included with the purchase of a stethoscope — and it's a powerful complement to the physical exam. Learn more about how it can enhance your patient care.

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How the Eko App Works

How the Eko App Works
Visualize What You're Hearing
  • See and hear simultaneously for more confident exams.
  • Use visual markers to identify arrhythmias, heart murmurs, or other abnormalities.
  • Show your patients what you're hearing and engage them in their heart health.
Record & Replay Anytime
  • Record heart sounds and ECG to review with your patient during their visit.
  • Take recordings to replay for a colleague or when charting.
  • Store recordings as an educational reference.
Enhance Clinical Decision-Making
  • Flag the presence of AFib*, tachycardia, and bradycardia with support from Eko AI. *CORE 500™ only
  • Gather deeper insight on a patient's heart health to inform a potential diagnosis.
  • Be more confident in your plan of action or specialist referral.
Organize Patient Data
  • Build a secure file of recordings for every patient.
  • Access a patient's data quickly within their profile.
  • Review previous recordings to flag changes to a patient's health over time.
Share Results Easily
  • Generate a 1-page PDF of a recording or exam in one tap.
  • Share results seamlessly from a patient's profile, with an option to omit identifiable information.
  • Send to a colleague or specialist for a second opinion.
Listen Wirelessly
  • Stream heart sounds through Bluetooth-enabled devices including most hearing aids, earbuds, or wired headphones.
  • Use your stethoscope how it works best for you: with or without the earpiece.
Educate Others
  • Use the live waveform view as a visual teaching aid with students, patients, or colleagues.
  • Play back body sound recordings as audible examples of different diagnoses.
  • Improve your auscultation skills with learning modules in our free Eko Academy App.

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Enhanced Waveform Visualization
Enhanced Waveform Visualization

See a phonocardiogram (PCG) of heart sounds, a 3-lead ECG*, and heart rate. *CORE 500™ only

Data Recording, Saving, & Playback
Data Recording, Saving, & Playback

Capture, save, and review data, and add notes to recordings.

Recordings Assigned by Patient
Recordings Assigned by Patient
Save recordings to a specific patient's file for future reference.
Arrhythmia Detection Supported by Eko AI
Arrhythmia Detection Supported by Eko AI
Check for AFib*, tachycardia, or bradycardia during every exam. *CORE 500™ only
Wireless Listening
Wireless Listening
Stream stethoscope sounds in real time to Bluetooth-enabled audio devices.
One-Tap Sharing
One-Tap Sharing
Generate and share a comprehensive report with a trusted colleague or specialist.

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