Improving patient outcomes is our collective challenge. Learn how Eko adapts to meet the needs of individual, health system, and life science use cases.

Checking patient's heart rate using an EKO CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope at the Upper Left Sternal Border (ULSB) location
Hearing Loss
Hearing loss won’t limit you from providing the best care possible.
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COVID Safe Stethoscopes
COVID & Infection Control
Keep safe while assessing patients without sacrificing the quality of your stethoscope.
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Train the next generation of healthcare providers to use a stethoscope with confidence.
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Solutions - Physicians
Explore tools for efficient and effective primary care decision making.
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Nurse listening to lung sounds on patient's back with an EKO CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope
Expand your range, from blood pressure measurement to cardiac assessment.
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Cardiologist with an EKO CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope across her shoulders
Validate and collaborate on patient heart data for more informed decision making.
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EMT from the Berwyn Fire Company with a 3M™ Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope across his shoulders
EMS & First Responders 
Get a quick and clear indication of patient vitals when time matters most.
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Pediatrics image
Get quality sound assessments on pediatric patients.
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Veterinary Medicine image
Veterinary Medicine
Reduce exam challenges to confidently assess animal patients.
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Students image
Explore digital stethoscopes that enhance learning for the next generation of doctors, nurses, and veterinarians.
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