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Expand your range, from blood pressure measurement to cardiac assessment.

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Nurses are vital for delivering patient care. Because the average shift can be challenging and unpredictable, Eko stethoscope technology was purpose-built to work as hard as you do.

How Eko Helps Nurses

Measure Clear Vitals

Focus on key vital sounds with fewer noise distractions with Eko’s noise cancellation and amplification capabilities. Get clear, accurate readings for blood pressure, heart and lung sounds, and bowel sounds.

Listen Safely

When paired with the Eko App, wireless listening allows you to assess patients safely under maximum PPE without sacrificing the quality of your exam.

Build Confidence

Quickly toggle between analog and amplified listening modes to fine-tune your auscultation skills. Pair with the Eko App to see what you hear for accelerated learning.

Collaborate With Care Team

The Eko App lets you share recordings with patient care teams for seamless referrals and collaboration.

Best Stethoscopes for Nurses

Nurse Lizzie reviews digital stethoscopes from Eko
Hear From Nurse Lizzie
Stethoscope Reviews

Nurse Lizzie – an RN and nursing educator who shares tips, study skills, and more with current and aspiring healthcare professionals – reviews the Eko CORE 500™, 3M™ Littmann® CORE, and Eko CORE™ Digital Attachment.

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Sound is clear, crisp, and I can hear very well with [the 3M™ Littmann® CORE]. I’m more confident with my auscultations.
Travis K.
Nurse Practitioner
I'm a hearing-impaired critical care nurse. This is the only amplified stethoscope that seamlessly streams directly to my hearing aids. I’m so appreciative of the technology.
Heather H.
Critical Care Nurse
I’m a CVICU RN and this helps me a lot when hearing heart and lung sounds while there are pumps, ventilators, and monitors in the background.
Russell V.
I love that my assessment can be amplified. It gives me the confidence I need to make better decisions for my patients.
Tamika G.
Nurse Practitioner

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Not Sure Which Stethoscope is Right for You?

Not Sure Which Stethoscope is Right for You?

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