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9 out of 10 clinicians tell us they hear sounds more clearly compared to an analog stethoscope.* That's why we're giving you 75 days to listen in your practice, risk-free.

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You perform exams in a range of situations, and we want you to experience the value of Eko’s technology in all of them. Every purchase is backed by a 100% refundable 75-day trial, so you can return it hassle-free if you’re not convinced.

Hear For Yourself

Listen to actual heart sounds with background noise.

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Hear For Yourself
Listen to actual heart sounds with background noise.

How Eko Helps

Hear More Clearly
Test your device with multiple patients in a variety of settings — in the clinic, the back of a noisy ambulance, or a busy emergency room.
Build Patient Trust
Educate and empower patients to be part of the conversation about their health by sharing real-time heart sound recordings and visuals during exams.
Detect Disease Earlier
Enhance your exams with the Eko App without disrupting your workflow. Automatically check for heart disease indicators in the background that might otherwise be missed.
Deliver Care Anywhere
Perform a physical exam — in the clinic or virtually — using Eko’s secure telehealth live streaming technology.
I love my new device. I can now hear the beat while doing blood pressure in the back of an ambulance. The sounds are loud. Well worth the investment
Jill R.
EMS Provider
This stethoscope has amazing sound, and the battery lasts a long time.
Jamie B.
Nurse Practitioner
There’s finally perfection in a digital stethoscope with excellent sound quality and elimination of ambient noise. It’s lightweight and easy to toggle between digital and analog.
Adam S.
I’m a 67-year-old veterinarian who was shocked by the sound and clarity of this stethoscope.
Gary N.
Not Sure Which Stethoscope Is Right for You?

Not Sure Which Stethoscope Is Right for You?

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* Online survey (2021): 2,496 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope customers were contacted. 320 respondents provided feedback about their experience compared to a traditional analog stethoscope.