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Clear Stethoscope Exams for Animals

Reduce exam challenges to confidently assess animal patients.

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Animal fur and loud, uncooperative patients can prevent clear exam results. Eko’s stethoscope technology gives you flexibility to assess animals with fewer limitations.

How Eko Supports Veterinarians

Hear More Clearly
Get accurate heart and lung sound readings regardless of fur, feathers, animal size, or bark decibel level.
Educate Pet Parents

Share real-time heart sound recordings with pet parents during exams to empower them to be part of the conversation.

Share Patient Data

Eko’s data sharing and telemedicine capabilities help you share patient data for coordinated care or referrals to specialists.

Build Confidence

Quickly toggle between analog and amplified listening modes to fine-tune your auscultation skills. Pair with the Eko App to see what you hear for accelerated learning.

I’m an emergency and critical care veterinarian. I love this stethoscope! It’s so clear and it allows me to teach my team. Highly recommend it!
Katrina T.
The sound quality on animals is amazing, and the ability to record what I hear and show to the veterinarian or the clients has been great.
Sean C.
Registered Veterinary Technician
I work in vet med and have a really hard time hearing. This stethoscope is amazing and has definitely been a tremendous help!
Cheyanna S.
Veterinary Student
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