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Stethoscopes for Hearing Loss

Supporting Clinicians With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss won’t limit you from providing the best care possible.

Hearing loss, whether mild or severe, makes auscultation with a traditional stethoscope difficult. Eko technology offers tools to help you hear with more confidence so you can do what you do best — provide excellent patient care.

I'm a cardiologist with a hearing impairment, so auscultating the heart is important in assessing the patient. I'm pleased with the quality of sound transmission to my hearing aids during real-time auscultation and for file playback.
Henry C.
I’m a 67-year-old veterinarian who was shocked by the sound and clarity of this stethoscope.
Gary N.
I'm an EMT and have some hearing loss. This stethoscope helps me hear my patients' hearts and lungs better, and allows for better care. It's interesting to be able to see heartbeats on the Eko App.
Charles M.

How Eko Helps

Hear a Clear Signal

Eko stethoscope technology offers up to 40x amplification, active noise cancellation, and multiple volume settings to benefit clinicians with or without hearing aids.

Amplify & Visualize

Two senses are better than one — clinicians can visualize what they hear simultaneously using the Eko App. Visual cues help confirm heart sound abnormalities, giving you additional confidence for your diagnosis.

Connect With Bluetooth

Using the Eko App, clinicians can connect Eko stethoscopes with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids and cochlear implants. Sounds will stream directly to hearing aids wirelessly, making a smooth workflow that maximizes amplification.

Work With Audiologist

How you hear is unique to you. Your stethoscope should be too. Your audiologist can help you finetune your hearing aid device for a custom listening experience.

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