Teaching Stethoscopes, Reinvented
Stethoscopes for Teaching & Training

Teaching Stethoscopes, Reinvented

Train the next generation of healthcare providers to use a stethoscope with confidence.

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Auscultation techniques take time and effort to master. Improve student confidence and your teaching scalability with Eko’s stethoscope and mobile app solutions.

How Eko Helps Educators

Expand Your Reach

Eko takes your teaching from 1:1 to group settings, giving all students equal opportunity to learn auscultation effectively.

Record & Study Sounds

The Eko App can record heart and lung sounds for students to reference for learning and studying.

Build Confidence

Give students a learning advantage with noise cancellation technology and up to 40x sound amplification.

Teach Remotely

Implement Eko’s telehealth capabilities for remote teaching and real-time patient exam insights from the clinic to the classroom.

I use [the CORE 500™] in practice at the bedside and as a nurse educator — a wonderful teaching tool! This stethoscope is a game changer for sure!
Tina H.
Eko has been a helpful tool that allows us to broadcast live auscultation sounds to a large group of medical students to help them better grasp auscultation and its role in diagnostic reasoning.
Benjamin W.
Assistant Professor Family Medicine
A great tool for teaching younger colleagues who may not have had the training to effectively diagnose murmurs/sounds.
James L.
Amazing for all nurses, but for a newer nurse — even better. What an advancement to promote consistency. Purchased for my sister who's just starting out at our local teaching hospital. This concept will bring confidence.
Mindy T.
Special Pricing for Medical Schools
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Special Pricing for Medical Schools

We offer flexible pricing for medical and nursing schools looking to purchase 10 or more digital stethoscopes. 

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