Stethoscope for Pediatrics

Big Sounds From Small Patients

Get quality sound assessments on pediatric patients.

Heart sounds from infants to young adults are varied, and you examine them all. Get the stethoscope technology that grows with them — and you — from patient to patient.

I absolutely love this stethoscope. Sometimes in pediatrics when children are crying it's super hard to hear their heart and lungs but with the amplified stethoscope it makes it so much easier!
Nicole B.
Registered Nurse

How Eko Helps

Amplify Pediatric Stethoscopes

The Eko CORE Digital Attachment fits the most popular adult, pediatric, and neonatal stethoscopes so you can confidently assess patients of any size.

Measure Clear Vitals

Focus on key vital sounds with fewer noise distractions with Eko’s noise cancellation and amplification capabilities. Get clear, accurate readings on heart and lung sounds.

Collaborate Effectively

Easily share additional patient data for coordinated care or referrals to specialists.

Build Parent Trust

Educate and empower patients to be part of the conversation about their childrens’ health by sharing real-time heart sound recordings and visuals during exams.

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