Cardiologist with an EKO CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope across her shoulders
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Enhance Your Cardiovascular Care

Validate and collaborate on patient heart data for more informed decision making.

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As leaders in cardiovascular care, you’re well-equipped to detect and diagnose heart disease. Eko gives you the tools to go deeper to research, educate, and collaborate.

How Eko Helps Cardiologists

Complement Your Research

Use Eko’s stethoscope technology to record and catalog heart sounds to inform your clinical research.

Educate Patients & Peers

Offer clinical insights and exam techniques with medical students and residents, and share real-time heart sound recordings with patients during exams.

Collaborate Effectively 

Easily share additional patient data with primary care teams to ensure coordinated care.

Amplify Heart Sounds

Customize your listening experience to hear the most faint heart sounds like S3 and S4.

There’s finally perfection in a digital stethoscope with excellent sound quality and elimination of ambient noise. It’s lightweight and easy to toggle between digital and analog. Truly the best digital stethoscope ever!
Adam S.
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