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Stethoscopes for Infection Prevention

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Keep safe while assessing patients without sacrificing the quality of your stethoscope.

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Controlling the spread of contagious infections like COVID-19 is vital. Eko makes it easy to access sick patients, in-person and remote, with minimal exposure.

How Eko Helps Protect Clinicians

Use With PPE

Wireless listening allows you to assess patients safely under maximum PPE without sacrificing the quality of your exam.

Listen Wirelessly 

Eko is compatible with Bluetooth, so you can care for patients at a safe distance while listening with headphones.

Deliver Care Anywhere

Use Eko’s secure telehealth live streaming technology to safely and virtually perform a physical exam.

Keep Everyone Safe

Nurses, doctors, first responders, and all clinician types can use Eko technology for safe exams to limit disease spread.

For those of you looking for a way to screen under your PPE or PAPR, the Eko CORE Attachment is the way to go. It fits in a sandwich snack bag and will transmit beautifully over Bluetooth.
Michael P.
Emergency Room Physician
I'm a COVID-specialized RN, so extra precaution of multiple PPE and social distancing myself from my patient is a game-changer. I wear a PAPR enclosing my ears, and Eko technology has become my lifeline in caring for my patients.
Gretchen J.
Critical Care RN
All of my patients have been COVID-19 lately, and being able to go wireless with the 3M™ Littmann® CORE in a lab bag to keep it clean is indispensable.
David T.
Wireless Stethoscope in the ER
Customer Story
Wireless Stethoscope in the ER

ER doctor looks for COVID-19 solutions to use stethoscope with PPE and finds Eko CORE Attachment.

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