First responder from the Berwyn Fire Company with a 3M™ Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope across his shoulders
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Get a quick and clear indication of patient vitals when time matters most.

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When you’re the first to evaluate patients in emergency situations, time and accuracy are critical. Eko helps you eliminate distracting sounds like sirens, alarms, and ER noise with noise cancellation technology.

How Eko Helps

Measure Clear Vitals

Get clear, accurate readings for blood pressure, heart and lung sounds, and bowel sounds with fewer noise distractions using Eko’s noise cancellation and amplification capabilities.

Listen Safely

Wireless listening allows you to assess patients safely under maximum PPE without sacrificing the quality of your exam.

Send Data on the Move

Eko’s data sharing and telemedicine capabilities help you connect with specialists during patient transport.

Build Confidence

Quickly toggle between analog and amplified listening modes to fine-tune your auscultation skills. Pair with the Eko App to see what you hear for accelerated learning.

I’m an EMT and in paramedic school, and [the 3M™ Littmann® CORE] has made some of the things I’m learning so much clearer to understand. 10/10 would recommend for anyone in emergency medicine.
Ashley J.
EMS Provider
This is really a game-changer for me. I’m an EMT and I’m deaf/hard of hearing. It’s making a huge impact on my EMS care and it can help me do lung and heart sounds better in the back of a noisy ambulance.
Nicky C.
EMS Provider
I now hear things I was unable to hear in the back of an ambulance [with the CORE 500™]. The ability to almost instantaneously get a basic rhythm is extremely helpful to determine my next step in treatment of the patient.
John F.
EMS Provider
I'm a paramedic, and the noise cancellation alone makes it worth the investment. In my environment seconds count, and with [the 3M™ Littmann® CORE] you'll hear and identify what you're listening for with ease.
Robert W.
EMS Provider
[The CORE™ Attachment] has made my job easier. I'm now able to clearly hear lung and heart sounds. Perfect for patient assessments in a noisy ambulance.
Josh F.
EMS Provider
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