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You’re often the first point of contact, but you might only have 30 seconds to assess a patient’s cardiac health. Eko streamlines the path to care with stethoscope technology that helps detect early signs of disease.

How Eko Helps Physicians

Hear More Clearly

Eko combines amplification and noise cancellation to help get more accurate readings no matter your patient profile or office setting.

Detect Disease Earlier

Enhance your exams with the Eko App without disrupting your workflow. Automatically check for heart disease indicators in the background that might otherwise be missed.

Deliver Care Anywhere

Perform a physical exam in the clinic — or virtually — using Eko’s secure telehealth live streaming technology.

Build Patient Trust

Educate and empower patients to be part of the conversation about their health by sharing real-time heart sound recordings and visuals during exams.

I hear especially low-pitch sounds I haven't heard in years.
James B.
I can hear breath sounds and heart murmurs SO much more distinctly now! I love [the 3M™ Littmann® CORE] !
Diane G.
The CORE 500™ gives my patients confirmation of their cardiac health after I show them the tracings. I love the accuracy and clarity of the heart sounds.
Susan C.
I'm a hearing-impaired physician, and [the 3M™ Littmann® CORE] allows me to listen to heart and lung sounds without having to remove my hearing aids. The sound amplification provides clear quality and gives me confidence in my auscultation.
William Y.
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