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Once you try Eko’s digital stethoscope technology, your analog device will feel like ancient history.

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The stethoscope was invented 200 years ago, but is still a universal symbol in medicine. That's why we're reinventing it — to help you hear more clearly and feel more confident during every patient exam.

Clinicians Use Their Stethoscope Daily

The average physician sees 20 patients each day.1
That's more than 10,000 patient exams per year!2
90% of clinicians tell us they hear more clearly and identify sounds faster with a digital stethoscope.3

How Eko Works

Female hand with French tip painted finger nails holding a 3M™ Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope showing Littmann Quality tag line
Digital Stethoscopes
Listen With Confidence

We’ve re-engineered the stethoscope to eliminate distracting background noise with amplification and noise cancellation.

Eko app with 3 lead ECG and PCG on Apple iPhone screen next to an Eko CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope
Eko App
Make the Most of Your Exam

Compatible with any stethoscope from Eko, the Eko App works in the background to help you visualize, record, and share patient data.

Eko app on Apple iPhone showing Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) and Tachycardia were detected using Eko's AI
Arrhythmia Detection
Get More Data With AI

Intuitive workflows supported by Eko AI guide you through exams to check for signs of heart disease, in seconds, without disrupting your routine.

Doctor wearing Eko CORE 500™ over shoulders showing patients the PCG in the Eko app on a Apple iPad
Scale for Clinicians & Health Systems

Our suite of digital stethoscopes serves all — from each type of clinician, to teams, to clinics and hospitals.

Meet TrueSound™ Technology

Meet TrueSound™ Technology

It’s more than amplification. Our audio experts have re-engineered the stethoscope — from diaphragm to ear tip — to deliver the most precise sound.

  • Optimal sound filtering
  • Background noise reduction
  • In-ear speakers that minimize artifact

Hear More

Hear For Yourself

Listen to actual heart sounds with background noise.

Headphones Recommended
Hear For Yourself
Listen to actual heart sounds with background noise.

What Digital Stethoscopes Mean for You

Hear Body Sounds With Precision

Amplify sounds with reduced background noise to more clearly hear body sounds during exams. Listen wirelessly via hearing aids or Bluetooth-enabled earbuds for a hands-free workflow.

Build Confidence in Your Assessments
Compare what you’re hearing to a visualization of heart sounds and rhythms. Leverage Eko to assist in your assessments and detection of abnormalities.
Capture & Store Data

Record and save sounds to a patient’s file, or share with a colleague for a second opinion. Use recordings as a teaching tool with students, patients, or other clinicians.

Engage Patients in Their Health
Let patients listen to and visualize their heart as a way to educate them, building trusted relationships over time.
Add the Power of ECG
ECG Benefits

Add the Power of ECG
to Your Stethoscope

Capture 3-lead ECG data — in seconds — for a comprehensive view of your patient’s heart.

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I've picked up on AFib undiagnosed in the pre-op area in a patient who had documented sinus rhythm on their pre-op ECG.
Kenneth G.
Nurse Anesthetist
I'm a paramedic, and the noise cancellation alone makes it worth the investment...you'll hear and identify what you're listening for with ease.
Robert W.
EMS Provider
I recently picked up a murmur of aortic stenosis that resulted in a man having a valve repair. This product has my back every day.
Pamela G.
This is what I’ve always wanted in a stethoscope — to hear without distortion, amplified, clear, and hear cardiac murmurs as if they were in high definition.
Luis F.
I love that my assessment can be amplified. It gives me the confidence I need to make better decisions for my patients.
Tamika G.
Registered Nurse
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(1) Physician Survey Results, 2018
(2) Espo CRM Work Days Per Year, 2022
(3) Online survey (2021): 2,496 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope customers were contacted. 320 respondents provided feedback about their experience compared to a traditional analog stethoscope.

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