Diastolic Heart Murmurs

Summary: Explore this overview of diastolic murmurs.
Diastolic Heart Murmurs


Diastolic murmurs are murmurs heard during diastole, between the second heart sound (S2) and the first heart sound (S1). Compared to systolic murmurs, diastolic murmurs are more difficult to hear with traditional auscultation and almost always indicate heart disease. 

Decrescendo diastolic murmurs

One of the two basic types of diastolic murmurs, early decrescendo diastolic murmurs suggest regurgitant flow through an incompetent semilunar (aortic or pulmonary) valve.

Rumbling diastolic murmur

The other basic type of diastolic murmur, a rumbling diastolic murmur in mid or late diastole suggests the abnormal narrowing (stenosis) of an atrioventricular (mitral or tricuspid) valve.