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Eko Revamps Digital Stethoscope App To Bring AI-Driven Heart Murmur, Afib Detection to All

Eko’s FDA-cleared AI algorithms analyze stethoscope readings to detect signs of heart murmur and atrial fibrillation in seconds.
May 22, 2022

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the U.S. and around the world, but rapid, early screening options are still few and far between. Digital stethoscope developer Eko hopes to change that, with the launch of a new version of its app that aims to make artificial intelligence-powered cardiac analysis much more widely available.

With the new Eko app installed on a mobile device of their choice, healthcare providers who use the company's digital stethoscopes will be able to analyze readings with Eko’s AI algorithms, which were cleared by the FDA in early 2020 to detect heart murmur and atrial fibrillation—all at no charge. That’s a significant change from Eko’s previous model, which required a “Pro” subscription plan starting at $50 per month to access the algorithms.

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