Eko brings together advanced stethoscopes and intelligent detection software. We help clinicians detect early signs of heart and lung disease with greater confidence for timely intervention and exceptional patient care.

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How Eko Works

Female hand with French tip painted finger nails holding a 3M™ Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope showing Littmann Quality tag line
Digital Stethoscopes
Listen With Confidence

We’ve re-engineered the stethoscope to eliminate distracting background noise with amplification and noise cancellation.

Eko app with 3 lead ECG and PCG on Apple iPhone screen next to an Eko CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope
Eko App
Make the Most of Your Exam

Compatible with any stethoscope from Eko, the Eko App works in the background to help you visualize, record, and share patient data.

Eko app on Apple iPhone showing Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) and Tachycardia were detected using Eko's AI
Arrhythmia Detection
Get More Data With AI

Intuitive workflows supported by Eko AI guide you through exams to check for signs of heart disease, in seconds, without disrupting your routine.

Doctor wearing Eko CORE 500™ over shoulders showing patients the PCG in the Eko app on a Apple iPad
Scale for Clinicians & Health Systems

Our suite of digital stethoscopes serves all — from each type of clinician, to teams, to clinics and hospitals.

How Eko is Reinventing the Stethoscope

We're committed to help you catch early signs of heart and lung disease during routine in-person and virtual physical exams.

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How Eko is Reinventing the Stethoscope

We're committed to help you catch early signs of heart and lung disease during routine in-person and virtual physical exams.

Two smiling clinicians wearing Eko CORE 500™ around their necks horizontal format
FSA/HSA Eligibility

Get Reimbursed for Your Stethoscope

Did you know all digital stethoscopes from Eko are eligible for HSA, FSA, and CME reimbursement?

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Shop With Confidence

Our exclusive benefits make it easy for you to try Eko in your practice.
75-Day Risk-Free Trial

Put Eko’s digital technology to the test in your practice for 75 days, risk-free. Return your qualifying device hassle-free if you’re not satisfied. Qualifying devices purchased directly from Ekohealth.com may be returned within 75 days of the date of receipt. Qualifying devices include:

  • Eko CORE™ 500 Digital Stethoscope
  • Eko CORE Digital Attachment
  • 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope

Please note that all engraved and personalized items are FINAL SALE; once the order is placed, we do not accept order changes, cancellations, or returns. Read our full return & warranty policy.

Stethoscope Case

Exclusive offer: We've built custom stethoscope cases for:

  • Eko CORE™ 500 Digital Stethoscope
  • 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope
Custom Engraving

Personalize and protect one of your most important clinical tools. Engraving is available on:

  • Eko CORE™ 500 Digital Stethoscope
  • 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope
  • Eko CORE Digital Attachment

Please note that engraved and personalized items are FINAL SALE; once the order is placed, we do not accept order changes, cancellations, or returns. We will honor our 2-year warranty for engraved items.

HSA/FSA/CME Eligible

All Eko stethoscopes are eligible for HSA (health spending account), FSA (flexible spending account), HRA (health reimbursement arrangement), or CME (continuing medical education) purchase and/or reimbursement. 

You can use your benefits card at ekohealth.com for qualified purchases. For proof of purchase:

  • Save your order confirmation email as a receipt. 
  • Visit account.ekohealth.com to look up and print your order details.

If your eligible card is declined or doesn't work at ekohealth.com, you can:

  • Use a different payment method and contact your system administrator for reimbursement information.
  • Shop Eko products at the fsastore.com or hsastore.com stores.

We recommend printing your order confirmation email to submit as a receipt for reimbursement. If you have any issues, contact our support team via chat or call + 1 (844) 356-3384 for a downloadable PDF invoice.

Learn more about HSA/FSA eligibility.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for orders over $49. Orders placed by 1 p.m. PT Monday through Friday will typically ship the same day. Engraved and personalized orders may take an additional 3 business days to ship. Expedited shipping options are available for an additional cost.

Read our full shipping policy.

2-Year Warranty

All stethoscopes come with a 2-year warranty which is warranted against any defects in material and workmanship.

Interest-Free Payment Options

Eko offers a variety of payment options to meet your budgeting needs. Pay in full at checkout, or buy now and pay later through convenient, interest-free installment payments. Choose from the following options.

Express checkout Options

  • ShopPay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal

Don’t want to use express checkout?

Fill in your contact information and shipping address, then click Continue to shipping. From there, select which shipping method you prefer and click Continue to payment.

Pay with credit card

Enter your card information, then click Pay now.

Interest-free payments

Select from the following services to pay in convenient installments. Click Complete order and you will be redirected to complete your purchase securely.

  • Shop Pay
  • PayPal
  • Afterpay
Exploded view of CORE 500™ Digital Stethoscope electronic in ear driver ear piece

Meet TrueSound™ Technology

It’s more than amplification. Our audio experts have re-engineered the stethoscope — from diaphragm to ear tip — to deliver the most precise sound.

  • Optimal sound filtering
  • Background noise reduction
  • In-ear speakers that minimize artifact
Hear More

Eko stethoscope technology helps clinicians hear more clearly, identify sounds faster, and detect disease more confidently.

I can hear murmurs that were not audible with normal scopes. I use this to teach my clinic patients about my findings by recording the sounds on my phone and having them listen to the recording. This is the best tool in my toolbox.
Richard T.
Physician Assistant
I’m a 67-year-old veterinarian who was shocked by the sound and clarity of this stethoscope.
Gary N.
This stethoscope has amazing sound, and the battery lasts a long time. I do 10-hour shifts, and I’ve used it during 3 shifts so far with no charge since I received it. Love it.
Jamie B.
Nurse Practitioner
There’s finally perfection in a digital stethoscope with excellent sound quality and elimination of ambient noise. It’s lightweight and easy to toggle between digital and analog. Truly the best digital stethoscope ever!
Adam S.
All of my patients have been COVID-19 lately, and being able to go wireless with the 3M™ Littmann® CORE in a lab bag to keep it clean is indispensable.
David T.
I absolutely love this stethoscope. Sometimes in pediatrics when children are crying it's super hard to hear their heart and lungs but with the amplified stethoscope it makes it so much easier!
Nicole B.
Registered Nurse
I’m an emergency and critical care veterinarian. I love this stethoscope! It’s so clear and it allows me to teach my team. Highly recommend it!
Katrina T.
I love my new device. I can now hear the beat while doing blood pressure in the back of an ambulance. The sounds are loud. Well worth the investment!
Jill R.
EMS Provider
Learn the Benefits of

Learn the Benefits of
Digital Stethoscopes

Once you try Eko’s digital stethoscope technology, your analog device will feel like ancient history.

Sound Benefits ECG Benefits

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Are Eko products CME/FSA/HSA eligible? How do I get reimbursed?

Outfit Your Team With Eko Technology
Group & Team Orders

Outfit Your Team With Eko Technology

We offer flexible pricing for groups, hospitals, and organizations looking to purchase 10 or more digital stethoscopes. 

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