Reduce Risk & Accelerate Clinical Trials
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Reduce Risk & Accelerate Clinical Trials

Eko's AI-enabled digital stethoscopes can help your research team recruit faster, screen for cardiopulmonary conditions more effectively, and monitor patient safety throughout.

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In clinical trials, deep insight into cardiac function is essential. Eko's AI-based solution helps you find the right patients, collect data faster, and confidently monitor their cardiopulmonary health — without disrupting clinical workflow or adding administrative burden.

Generate More Insight at the Point of Care

Eko helps you screen, baseline, and monitor the right patients throughout your trial in the clinic, through telemedicine visits, or in the home. Eko technology can support clinician detection of the following conditions.

Eko Helps Keep Trials on Track

Reduce Study Risk
Reduce Study Risk

Our easy-to-use digital stethoscope technology helps you identify the best patient population for your trial. With Eko, you will:

  • Recruit ideal trial candidates.
  • Screen out patients with conditions that could affect study outcomes.
  • Monitor patients’ cardiovascular health throughout the study.
Expand Clinical Insights 
Expand Clinical Insights 

Eko stethoscopes give you more data at a lower cost than echocardiograms and other traditional monitoring tools.

  • Get a complete picture of mechanical cardiac function and hemodynamics, plus electrical cardiac function via simultaneous ECG.
  • Combine both signals, sounds, and ECG to generate new depths of cardiac insight.
  • Collect digitized lung sounds for spot check or longitudinal clinical analysis.
Enhance Safety
Enhance Safety

Eko solutions allow you to proactively monitor participants, in the clinic or at home, with regular AI-powered cardiopulmonary assessments. This helps your research team identify adverse events sooner and address emerging issues early.

Decentralize Clinical Trials
Decentralize Clinical Trials

Eko Telehealth enables live stream home nursing visits, remote patient telehealth, and asynchronous at-home data collection.

Integrate Into Third-Party Platforms
Integrate Into Third-Party Platforms

Eko Connect SDKs and APIs easily integrate with your systems for a streamlined, single-pane user experience for patients, clinicians, and study coordinators. 

Eko Connect integrates with:

  • Clinical research organizations
  • Decentralized platforms
  • EDC/eSource partners

(1) Eko Analysis Software (K192004)
(2) Eko Low Ejection Fraction (FDA clearance pending)
(3) Eko Murmur Characterization* (K213794) 
(4) Electro-Mechanical Activation Time (K192004) 

*Cleared for pathological v. innocent murmur; does NOT classify specific pathology. 

MKT-0001495 Rev 3.0