Webinar | Demonstrating Eko & Caregility's Telehealth Integration

Summary: Learn how Eko and Caregility added high-quality stethoscope sounds to the virtual exam.



Watch a recording of our recent webinar: Demonstrating Eko and Caregility's Telehealth Integration to learn more.

Eko has partnered with Caregility, an enterprise telehealth platform company, to addresses virtual care gaps by providing a more comprehensive physical exam experience to care teams and patients. This partnership integrates Eko Connect, Eko's suite of telehealth APIs, with Caregility Cloud™.

Caregility's award-winning telehealth solution now has access to live-streaming stethoscope sounds with real-time phonocardiogram (PCG) and electrocardiogram (ECG)* waveform visualization within a familiar interface. The integration is compatible with Eko's complete line of smart stethoscopes, including the CORE Digital Stethoscope Attachment, 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope, and DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope.

Are you a Caregility customer or healthcare institution? Contact us to learn about integrating Eko into the Caregility telehealth platform.

*Integration only available in U.S