Eko Solutions

Turn the Telehealth Experience Physical

Eko Connect helps providers collect the physical exam information they need for confident decisions directly through a partnered telehealth solution.

Eko Connect delivers unparalleled sound and ECG livestreaming

through telehealth solutions — seamlessly integrated with your existing workflow.

Easy Deployment
Easily integratable set of SDKs and APIs complete your customers’ telehealth experience across the care continuum.
Encrypted and HIPAA & SOC 2 compliant
Supported on Android, iOS, and other platforms
High availability — 99.99% uptime. Check here.
Purpose-built, turnkey & scalable
Why Sound Matters
Videoconferencing alone is not enough. Providers need to hear and see physiological information for themselves to make confident care decisions from anywhere.
Help your providers hear better from afar than most do up close.
Up to 40x stethoscope sound amplification
Active noise cancellation & built-in audio filtering
PCG and ECG visualized together
Save and share recordings
How Eko Streams Body Sounds for Maximum Quality
Eko minimizes latency over live stream through a dedicated audio channel initiated directly from your app. This ensures maximum sound quality and reliability for a seamless patient and provider experience.
Adding Auscultation To Improve the Virtual Physical Exam
The Caregility Cloud™ and Eko Connect integration addresses virtual care gaps by providing a more comprehensive physical exam experience to care teams and patients. Watch a recording of our recent webinar.
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