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Turn your telehealth experience physical

Eko Connect helps your providers collect the physical exam information they need for confident decisions directly through your virtual care solution.

Technology creates complexity if adoption is fragmented.

New tools shouldn’t add new steps to your providers’ workflow.

28% of physicians attribute technology to their burnout symptoms
Source: 'Death by 1000 Cuts': Medscape National Physician Burnout & Suicide Report 2021
40% say lack of interoperability is a major barrier to the adoption of digital health technology
Source: Becker's Hospital Review survey, May 2021

Eko Connect helps you deliver unparalleled sound,

ECG and AI-powered decision support directly through your telehealth solutions — seamlessly integrated with your providers’ existing workflow.

Easy deployment
Easily integratable set of SDKs and APIs complete your customers’ telehealth experience across the care continuum.
Encrypted and HIPAA & SOC 2 compliant
Supported on Android, iOS, and other platforms
High availability — 99.99% uptime. Check here.
Purpose-built, turnkey & scalable
Unified workflow
Deliver unparalleled sound, ECG, and AI-powered decision support directly through the same interface your providers already know.
Built-in sound enhancement and visualization
Centralized access
FDA-cleared algorithms with proven accuracy
Secure, 1-click live stream
Expert support
Your success comes first. Our in-house experts will walk you through every step of the way.
Live consultation
Assigned success manager
Expedited response
Priority standing
Complete your telehealth services
The team at StationMD sought to deliver quality care outside the hospital, especially to vulnerable populations. Integrating Eko into their telehealth solution gave their doctors real-time access to high-quality body sounds and data, helping them prevent countless trips to the hospital.

"Our specific population is at high risk for bowel obstruction and pneumonia, and having the DUO and Eko Telehealth are key. That’s why we use this tool with almost all of our clients. We need the technology and we need it to work all the time. Eko does that."

Deven Unadkat, DO, FACEP
Chief Medical Officer and Founding Partner, StationMD
How your customers use Eko Connect
1: Connect devices
Eko devices connect to your app
2: Start a live stream or recording
Device inputs are processed by Eko
3: Receive Eko analysis
Livestream & AI analysis output to your app
4: Save & share
End users access Eko outputs from your app
New insights,
 same workflow
Help your providers know more without doing more. Enhanced body sounds, ECG, and AI analysis captured and accessed through a familiar interface.
Originating device
Providers run Eko services natively
Receiving device
Providers access live stream and run data analysis
Why sound matters
Videoconferencing alone is not enough. Providers need to hear and see physiological information for themselves to make confident care decisions from anywhere.
Help your providers hear better from afar than most do up close.
Up to 40x stethoscope sound amplification
Active noise cancellation & built-in audio filtering
PCG and ECG visualized together
Save and share recordings

"Eko helps our clinic treat 800 patients via telehealth with a thorough implementation, high-quality audio."

Billy Sample
Telehealth Resource Center Program Manager, MAO
How Eko streams body sounds for maximum quality
Eko minimizes latency over live stream through a dedicated audio channel initiated directly from your app. This ensures maximum sound quality and reliability for a seamless patient and provider experience.
Why partner with Eko?
Enhance provider experience
Clinicians who try Eko, stay with Eko. Complete your telehealth services with high-quality remote auscultation and ECG for a comprehensive connected care experience.
Boost decision confidence
Reinforce clinical decision-making with real-time AI analysis. Eko’s FDA-cleared algorithms are clinically validated to screen for cardiac conditions with comparable accuracy to human experts, helping ensure critical information is not missed.
Enable better care
Help your doctors level the playing field with cardiopulmonary disease. Bring the quality of in-person care into your virtual settings and help your providers better detect cardiopulmonary conditions from anywhere.
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