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3M™ Littmann® CORE
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Digital Stethoscope
Cardiology-grade acoustic & digital stethoscope.
ECG + Digital Stethoscope
2-in-1 cardiac exam system in your pocket.

Eko brings together advanced stethoscopes, patient and provider software, and AI-powered analysis—elevating the way we detect and monitor cardiovascular disease.

Through this unified platform, our mission is to help clinicians drive the next evolution in cardiopulmonary care.

Pair, place, and interpret.

The most efficient cardiac assessment tool powered by connected, smart software.

Immediate access to electromechanical information
Purpose-built for telemedicine
FDA-cleared automated disease detection
99% sensitivity and 97% specificity in detecting atrial fibrillation
87% sensitivity and 87% specificity in detecting murmurs
1-tap pairing for wireless workflow
Record, save, and share unlimited recordings
Advanced sound controls
Encrypted, HIPAA-compliant live stream for telemedicine exams
Unified dashboard for easy access to sound and data recordings
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