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Clarity in care decisions

Hear what matters most for timely clinical decision making.

You may only have 30 seconds to assess a patient's cardiac health.

Eko helps you confidently find answers to your patient's cardiopulmonary health faster. Turn your phone or tablet into an educational tool for patients to better understand their heart and lung health.

High-fidelity Sound
Eko stethoscopes enable clinicians to hear auscultation sounds in the most challenging environments with active noise cancellation, digital amplification, and cardiology-grade acoustics.
Wireless Screening
Real-time streaming of stethoscope sounds to Bluetooth-enabled audio devices help clinicians adapt to different environments and keep safe from infectious disease.
Visualize Sounds & ECG
Get the fastest and most comprehensive insight to cardiovascular function with heart rhythm ECG tracings and sound visualization (PCG).
FDA-cleared AI algorithms analyze heart sounds & ECG for murmurs & AFib—detect complications early—without a more costly and time consuming workup.
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Healthcare providers in any specialty.
From the field

"For those of you looking for a way to screen under your PPE or PAPR, the CORE Attachment is the way to go. It fits in a sandwich snack bag and will transmit beautifully over Bluetooth.”

Michael Pali, MD
Emergency Room Physician
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