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COVID-19 & Infection Control

Wireless screening for infection control

Protect yourself and your patients while attaining new levels of comfort and clarity in auscultation.

With the right tools and protection we can beat COVID-19.

Eko makes it easy to access COVID patients, in-person and remote, with minimal exposure. Wireless screening allows you to give patients the care they need at a safe distance while under maximum PPE.

High-fidelity Sound
Eko stethoscopes enable clinicians to hear auscultation sounds in the most challenging environments with active noise cancellation, digital amplification, and cardiology-grade acoustics.
Wireless Screening
Real-time streaming of stethoscope sounds to Bluetooth-enabled audio devices help clinicians adapt to different environments and keep safe from infectious disease.
FDA-cleared AI algorithms analyze heart sounds & ECG for murmurs & AFib—detect complications early—without a more costly and time consuming workup.
Scalable Telehealth
Bring high-fidelity stethoscope sound, ECG tracing, AI, and sound visualization (PCG) to perform a comprehensive exam from anywhere.
Who uses this?
Home Care
Providers offering home care anywhere.
School, Correctional, and Employee Telehealth
Scalable solutions for any telehealth instance.
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Providers working for skilled nursing, short-term, and long-term care facilities.
Healthcare Providers
Healthcare providers in any specialty.
Teaching Institutions
Healthcare education institutions of all specialties.
Hospitals & IDNs
Health systems and provider groups of all sizes.
Rural Clinics
Clinics located in a rural, medically under-served areas.
Healthcare students in any specialty.
Veterinarians caring for patients of all shapes, sizes and species.
From the field

"The combination of wearing PPE daily since March and working in a triage unit with a loud filtration system made it impossible to hear breath and heart sounds. The Eko CORE technology has made it possible for me to hear even the faintest of sounds."

Carole L.
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