Top 5 Gifts for Medical & Nursing Students

Summary: We've summarized our top 5 gift ideas for nursing and medical students.
Smiling medical student with graduation cap drawn on chalkboard

Both doctors and nurses spend their careers helping and caring for people in a significant way. For that, we say thank you!

Graduating medical school and nursing school is a time to celebrate and is a major milestone on the way to residency and a career practicing medicine. We've summarized our top 5 gift ideas for nursing and medical students. Although nurses have a shorter residency, these gift ideas are very relevant for their first full-time shifts.

1. Something embroidered or engraved with "MD"

After years of intense studying, medical and nursing students deserve this! Nothing says you made it like having a stethoscope, lab coat, or scrubs personalized with "your name + MD or relevant title." If engraving scrubs, be sure to check if their hospital has any uniform requirements. Check out or for embroidery and engraving services.

Emproidered lab coat gift idea
An embroidered lab coat is a gift to remember.


2. Cardiology stethoscope

Because it's common for a clinician to keep the same stethoscope through their residency and career, having a cardiology-grade stethoscope will ensure the highest quality of heart sounds for a long time.

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3. Fancy coffee maker

A from cold brew to espresso, all graduating students appreciate a good cup of coffee. A programmable coffee maker is a great gift because it is probably not the first thing on a graduating student's shopping list and is extremely helpful when working long shifts.

Coffee maker for medical students
Coffee is essential when working overnight shifts.


4. Sleep mask

A good sleep mask is a useful low-cost gift idea because it will help residents that work overnight shifts get quality sleep during the day. A sleep mask is more cost-effective than blackout curtains!

sleep mask gift
Sleep mask helps students sleep during the day.


5. Comfortable scrubs and shoes

Welcome to a new life of living in scrubs! Because shifts in the hospital are long and unpredictable, having really comfortable scrubs and shoes are non-negotiable. Clothes are a tricky gift to purchase for somebody, so maybe get a gift card for scrubs.

scrubs for medical student gift
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