Listen. Care.

The ability to listen is the ability to care. Eko understands how important listening can be for clinicians. We create digital health solutions that enable doctors, nurses, researchers and entire health systems to change how we care for the heart. Together, we can evolve the science of auscultation and empower the art of caring.

Our mission.

Eko enables clinicians with the ability to provide the best cardiac care possible. We are a committed partner to the providers and scientists on the front lines of care.

Our values

We are scientists.

Eko is passionate about understanding and finding better ways to understand the heart. Through thoughtful research and study we are constantly expanding our knowledge.

We are advocates.

Eko is focused on providing clinicians and health systems support and opportunities to elevate their patient care.

We are community.

Eko is here to care for people in the best way we can—by making cardiac care better. The foundation of our community may be clinicians, but the patient is at the heart of everything we do.

We are innovators.

Eko is dedicated to supporting clinicians at every step of their practice. We are always looking for new, meaningful ways to share and provide access to the tools we’ve developed.

Demonstrating the power of the human heart.

Through our social impact initiative, Eko Cares, we donate our products and support to providers around the world caring for the underserved.

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Connor Landgraf
Co-Founder & CEO
Tyler Crouch
Co-Founder & Product Development
Jason Bellet
Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer
Adam Saltman, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Subbu Venkatraman, PhD
Subbu Venkatraman, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Naveen Srivatsa
Chief of Staff
Bryan Humbarger
Bryan Humbarger
SVP, Commercial
Claire Stovall
VP, Sales
Brit Gould
Brit Gould
VP, Product Marketing
Dr. Steve Pham
Steve Pham, MD
VP, Clinical Research
Phu Trinh
VP, Regulatory & Quality
Michael Thompson
Head of Product
Nicole Gaskari
VP, Administration
Lisa Slater
VP, Finance
Karl Larson
Head of Supply Chain

Board of Directors

Vasudev Bailey, PhD
Partner, Artis Ventures
Ryan Drant
Managing Partner, Questa Capital
Corey Mulloy
Partner, Highland Capital Partners
Ann Lee-Karlon, PhD
SVP, Genentech
Connor Landgraf
Co-Founder & CEO, Eko
Jason Bellet
Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer, Eko

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