Eko Murmur Analysis

Detect More Valvular Heart Disease

Eko’s Murmur Analysis Software (EMAS) brings objective structural murmur screening to patient exams.

A Screening Tool Designed for Structural Murmurs

More than half of clinically significant valvular heart disease is missed.1 Now you can detect it earlier and more consistently, so your patients can get the treatment they need sooner.

Detect and Distinguish Structural Murmurs With a Stethoscope

Eko’s FDA-cleared platform is the first and only to identify structural murmurs with a smart stethoscope, including the 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope.*

Achieve Objective and Consistent Performance

The Eko Murmur Analysis Software algorithm doubles heart murmur detection sensitivity as compared to general practitioners (GPs) using traditional stethoscopes.2

Small chart visualizing heart sounds

Built From the Largest Heart Sound Repository

The database used to train and test Eko’s Murmur Analysis algorithm is the world’s largest repository of clinically validated heart sounds.

Health System Ready

Deploy and Train Quickly

Deployment is quick and easy. The system is simple to use, requiring minimal training.

Seamlessly Integrate in Your Workflow

The stethoscope is already part of your clinical workflow. Eko’s detection works with your routine patient exam.

Refer Appropriate Patients

Eko’s dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of patients with structural murmurs to help you view and manage referrals.

Join 100s of Thousands of Clinicians in the Fight Against Heart Disease

Eko helps healthcare professionals detect heart and lung disease earlier and with higher accuracy, diagnose with more confidence, manage treatment effectively, and ultimately give patients the best care possible.

Let’s Work Together

If you are at a hospital system in the US, contact us to learn how you can detect more valvular heart disease at your institution with Eko.

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  2. Enterprise subscription required for EMAS algorithm
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