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Physical Exams, Virtualized

Complete your telehealth experience by capturing the physiological information missing in most virtual care settings.

Videoconferencing alone is not enough.

As care teams become more distributed, providers will need ways to replicate the quality of an in-person visit in their virtual care settings.

Up to $250 billion in healthcare spending could be virtualized
Source: Telehealth: A quarter-trillion-dollar post-COVID-19 reality? McKinsey Report 2020
83% of patients expect to continue using telehealth regularly after the pandemic
Source: 2020 survey data from Doctor.com

Virtualize physical examinations at scale

with remote auscultation, ECG, and AI-powered clinical decision support tools, enabling providers to deliver care confidently from anywhere.

Reliable Patient Info
Help providers hear and see the physical information they need from anywhere.
Listen to body sounds as if you were in the same room
Save and share recordings as a baseline
Real-time analysis with clinically-proven accuracy
Avoid information gaps
Unified Care Team
Connect geographically distributed providers with the physical exam information they need to operate as a single care team.
1-click live streaming for synchronous listening
Save, share & annotate for asynchronous reviewing
HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 certified, and EHR-ready
Easily scale from a single site to a large system
Fit for Any Setting
Deploy telehealth services across inpatient, outpatient, specialist, community, and home care settings.
Transmit sounds and ECG to specialists from the ICU
Let specialists listen to patients in rural clinics
Enable physical examination from community sites
Equip hospital-at-home providers & visiting nurses
Bring Specialists Closer to Home
Saving time for patients and providers.
Sutter Health created an efficient way to connect Sacramento-based cardiologists to patients needing regular cardiac examination in rural Amador county. By enabling cardiologists to perform thorough cardiac exams remotely, Sutter eliminated lengthy commute times for both patients and providers, improving compliance and increasing throughput. Learn More

"It’s about reducing friction. By bringing care to the patient through technologies like Eko, we can catalyze the evolution of patient experience at Sutter Health."

Albert Chan, MD
Vice President and Chief of Digital Patient Experience, Sutter Health
Expertise From Anywhere
Adding Auscultation To Improve the Virtual Physical Exam
The Caregility Cloud™ and Eko Connect integration addresses virtual care gaps by providing a more comprehensive physical exam experience to care teams and patients. Watch a recording of our recent webinar.
Deliver Better Experiences System-Wide
Guthrie, an integrated health system, moved hundreds of providers into a virtual care setting in just 10 days with Eko while maintaining high-quality physical examination and patient experience. Guthrie maintains high patient satisfaction with its telehealth model and continues to see up to 200 patients virtually every day. Learn More

"I’m really impressed with the quality of auscultation sounds. And my efficiency in virtual exams is as good as in-person visits."

Jagmeet Singh, MD
Chief of Nephrology and physician lead for telemedicine, Guthrie
Hear the difference
(Turn Audio ON • Headphones Recommended)

Experience CORE® Technology

providers hear body sounds more clearly
providers identify sounds faster
providers feel more confident in the sounds they hear
Integrate Eko With Your Existing Telehealth Solution
New tools without adding new steps. Eko Connect allows you to integrate CORE® Technology with your existing telehealth provider. Learn more.
Direct Connection
Enable providers to record body sounds and ECG directly from an existing telehealth solution with Eko Connect SDKs and APIs.
Seamless Workflow
Add physical examination to your telehealth service without disrupting your providers’ workflow.
Keep Close to High-Acuity Patients
Meet patients where they are.
By enabling more comprehensive virtual exams, American Medical Facilities Management (AMFM), was able to expand access to quality care while significantly reducing exposure to risky hospital environments for their high-acuity patient population. Learn More

"Telehealth is a valuable tool that providers can add to their toolbox to improve care with our vulnerable patient population. This is an excellent way to protect our patients and our employees from infectious diseases."

Vickie Powell
Nurse Practitioner, AMFM Practice Administrator
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