Eko Launches Eko Academy

Summary: App to help medical students and healthcare providers strengthen stethoscope skills and auscultation knowledge.
iPhone showing cardiac basics lessons in Eko Academy App

Eko, a cardiopulmonary digital health company, today announced the launch of its clinical education initiative. Eko Academy, a free educational mobile app, acts as a learning guide for medical students and as a reference guide for seasoned healthcare providers and educators. Eko Academy serves as a tool to learn and teach auscultation and to identify and interpret abnormal heart and lung sounds, all accessible in one mobile app.

Eko Academy uniquely combines both classic and modern learning methods, including custom illustrations and clear explanations of anatomy and relevant physiology. It also uses high-fidelity heart and lung sounds and visual waveforms to help the learner both hear and visualize different sound identifiers. In addition, the app offers easy ways to compare normal and abnormal conditions.

"We wanted to create a unique and complete package that caters to all skill levels with engaging content and an interactive experience," said Tyler Crouch, Eko co-founder. "Since the beginning, Eko has wanted to make an accessible and free educational resource for all levels of medical students and providers, and it's finally here with Eko Academy. During the pandemic, students have had to learn from home. This app will augment their learning and give them real world examples of heart and lung sounds to help them prepare for seeing patients in the clinic. We are thrilled to hear from early users that the educational value of Eko Academy will extend beyond the pandemic."


Eko Academy, free educational mobile app, acts as a learning guide for medical students

Studies show that internal medicine and family practice trainees only accurately recognize 20% of heart sounds — and with long-term heart effects of COVID-19 still unknown and heart disease remaining the top killer in the U.S., this knowledge gap can put patients at serious risk. The fact that the clinical skills component for Step 2 of the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) was permanently canceled in January 2021 further reinforces the need for a clinical screening educational resource.

"I believe Eko Academy will be an excellent teaching aid that makes abstract concepts digestible. The combined visual and audio methods allow the learner to build on their cognitive structure and learn quickly, " said Dr. Colleen Donovan, assistant professor and emergency medicine simulation medical director at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. "This app will help make students more confident in their skills and better prepared at the patient's bedside. "

The Eko Academy app offers:

  • Mastery of your stethoscope: Strengthen your auscultation skills, anytime, anywhere for confidence in the classroom and in the clinic. 
  • Improved listening: Access high-fidelity heart and lung recordings and instantly compare disease signals with normal signals, both visually and through audio. 
  • How to identify abnormalities: Identify abnormalities such as systolic murmurs, diastolic murmurs, arrhythmias, crackles, and wheezes through sight and sound. 
  • Real world application: Validate and share your knowledge with classmates and colleagues by applying it in the classroom and in the clinic. 

"The quality of sound and ease of comparison sets Eko Academy apart," said Baylie Baker, nursing student at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. "It gives you the basics without overloading you, by being concise and to the point."

Download Eko Academy for free on iOS at the Apple App Store.