Could A.I. Revolutionize the Future of Heart Health?

Summary: Scientists are finding new ways to use AI to tackle the biggest health concern in the world.
Could A.I. Revolutionize the Future of Heart Health?

February may be the shortest and coldest month of the year. But for many, it is a time to give special recognition to often overlooked aspects of world history (Black History Month) and recognize what may be the single greatest threat to health in the world. For many, February is also known as Heart Health Month, and 2022 will be the 58th consecutive year it is recognized.

Cardiovascular disease is a global problem that claims the lives of more people a year than cancer, strokes, or other prevalent diseases. Luckily, advanced research is leading to effective solutions for improving cardiovascular health. A conspicuous example is how machine learning and artificial intelligence are allowing for faster diagnoses, improved accuracy, and earlier detection.

A good example is Eko, an Oakland, California-based medical technology company founded in 2013 by graduates from the University of California Berkeley dedicated to leveraging AI to provide cost-effective screenings for cardiovascular and lung disease. In its mission to make medical care more accessible, they have created a line of "smart stethoscopes."

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