The 10 Most Innovative Medical Device Companies of 2022


This year's leading medical device makers run the gamut from improving medical procedures to better patient monitoring.

The 10 Most Innovative Medical Device Companies of 2022

For the first time, Fast Company is honoring the Most Innovative Companies in Medical Devices this year, letting companies that are creatively using technology to improve patient care shine on their own, rather than as part of our broader Health list. From rethinking how to clear blocked arteries to treating sleep apnea with multidisciplinary teams, the 10 companies that populate this list have created devices that make big strides in improving how we tackle chronic disease, ensure hospital safety, and perform procedures.

#3. Eko: For giving physicians a digital leg up in detecting arrhythmia.

Even before Eko unveiled the second generation of its flagship AI-powered digital stethoscope/electrocardiogram, the DUO, in August, the company had had a big year. The company's sales of its stethoscopes and smart assessment software to medical professionals tripled its 2020 revenue within the first six months of 2021, as it launched its Eko Connect telehealth platform for physicians and rolled out an educational app to help medical students and doctors better interpret heart and lung sounds. At the core of the company's growth has been the Eko DUO stethoscope, which uses AI to help detect heart irregularities-and whose capabilities were backed up by a Journal of the American Heart Association article in May, which shared data demonstrating that the DUO showed 90% accuracy in detecting murmurs.

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Please note: Murmur detection is part of Eko’s SENSORA™ Cardiac Disease Detection Platform. Contact our sales team to learn more.