The 35 Best Gifts for Doctors

Summary: Shopping for a doctor this holiday season? These 35 best gifts for doctors can help you find the perfect present.
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Gifts a doctor can wear at work

Whether for a birthday, the holidays, or simply to say "thank you, " these 35 gifts for doctors offer something for every healthcare professional on your list. Peruse our picks by category, or navigate the list below to jump ahead to one that calls out to you.

The right clothes can make a significant difference 

1. Clove Night Shift sneaker
  • What makes it a great gift? Clove shoes were designed specifically for physicians and other healthcare professionals. The men's and women's lines are made with non-slip bottoms for excellent traction on slippery surfaces and comfort insoles to support feet during a long day of standing. The pull-on design skips over trip-hazard laces, while the washable design keeps them clean between shifts.
  • Shop link: Buy Clove shoes for men and women
2. Bombas compression socks 
  • What makes it a great gift? Compression socks can help support healthy circulation in the lower legs and feet, making them a great useful gift for the MD who spends lots of time on their feet. Bombas offers compression socks in fun patterns and colors, a far cry from clinical-looking compression socks.
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3. Powerstep insoles
  • What makes it a great gift? Quality footwear is one of the most important essentials for a healthcare worker. Powerstep insoles can fit into most shoes, so a doctor can continue to wear their preferred styles and brands while providing their feet with additional much-needed support.
  • Shop link: Buy Powerstep insoles on Amazon
4. Stoggles
  • What makes it a great gift? Necessary eye protection now comes in unique styles. Stoggles makes eye protection made with impact-resistant materials and an anti-fog coating. This ANSI Z87.1-2020-certified eyewear is available in nine colors and several frame styles.
  • Shop link: Shop on
5. Jaanuu performance 10 pocket jogger
  • What makes it a great gift? Made from moisture-wicking anti-microbial SPINryx fabric, the full line of Jaanuu scrubs puts a new spin on this standard workwear. The 10 pocket joggers have a place for all the supplies and devices MDs need while on rounds. Bonded ankles and a drawstring waist are comfortable yet still functional and work-appropriate.
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6. Caduceus tie bar
  • What makes it a great gift? A practical tie bar is just the right accessory when a doctor dons a suit and tie to make rounds or see patients in the exam room. This timeless piece is embellished with the caduceus, a universal symbol of the medical profession.
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Practical tech gifts for next-level patient care

Technology is transforming how doctors evaluate, treat, and follow up with patients. These five tech gifts introduce physicians to these new, game-changing technologies. 

7. 3M Littmann Core Digital Stethoscope
  • What makes it a great gift? Eko unites the power of the gold standard in stethoscopes with AI technology, changing how physicians navigate auscultation. Equipped with sound amplification and noise cancellation, this digital stethoscope captures and enhances auscultation for precise analysis. It's the perfect gift for a doctor who wants to bring the best in preventive medicine and care to their patients.
  • Shop link: Buy on Eko's website
8. Lumify uNight Light 
  • What makes it a great gift? This gentle yet strong light clips onto a doctor's scrubs or clothing, illuminating the area in front of them without flipping on a strong overhead light that may disrupt a patient's rest. Available in white, red, or blue light, uNight Light is also designed to be disinfected with standard hospital cleaners.
  • Shop link: Buy the uNight Light from
9. Moleskine Smart Writing System
  • What makes it a great gift? While electronic health records (EHRs) are becoming more commonplace, some clinicians still prefer a classic pen and paper for jotting down patient notes. The Moleskine Smart Writing System unites what's jotted down in a notebook with an app, capturing and digitizing notes to make them available wherever a doctor has their smartphone.
  • Shop link: Shop Moleskine Smart on
10. Eko Core Digital Attachment for stethoscopes
  • What makes it a great gift? Any stethoscope can become "smart " with the Eko Core Digital Attachment. Placed between the chestpiece and the tubing, Core effortlessly brings Eko's cutting-edge auscultation technology into any doctor's everyday practice. It comes with noise cancellation, sound amplification, recording capabilities, and Eko software for further analysis and record-keeping. This model works for both adult size and pediatric stethoscopes.
  • Shop link: Buy on Eko's website
11. Wispr digital otoscope
  • What makes it a great gift? Digital otoscopes improve the accuracy of ear exams by enhancing visibility in small or partially obstructed ear canals. Equipped with a nano camera, clinicians can share images with patients and their caregivers so they can also see what's going on in their ears. Captured images can be saved and revisited, simplifying patient monitoring and prognosis tracking.
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Handy and thoughtful gifts a doctor can take to work

If you're a practical gift giver, consider getting a present that the doctor in your life will use every day at work. 

12. Ember travel coffee mug 2
  • What makes it a great gift? Whether a coffee lover or a tea sipper, the Ember travel coffee mug keeps hot liquids at the precise temperature set directly from the device or with an accompanying app. Goodbye, cold coffee.
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13. Herschel Little America backpack
14. Anker Powercore Slim Power Pack
  • What makes it a great gift? With so many daily tasks reliant on smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices, a charged battery is a must for navigating patient care. This power pack can fully charge the average smartphone around three times without needing to be recharged.
  • Shop link: Get the Powercore Slim on the Anker website
15. Clip-on LED ring light
  • What makes it a great gift? Telehealth is here to stay. The clinician in your life can look camera-ready at a moment's notice with a ring light that clips directly to their computer or smartphone. 
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16. Yeti Rambler tumbler
  • What makes it a great gift? Spill-proof, dent-resistant, and insulated, the Yeti Rambler tumbler keeps drinks warm long after they've been brewed or steeped. The lid is reversible to accommodate left-handed and right-handed folks, while the handy handle is designed for an easy grip.
  • Shop link: Buy Yeti Rambler tumbler from the official website
17. Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
  • What makes it a great gift? Between the medical facility environment and constant hand-washing, a doctor's hands can get dry and cracked quickly. Kiehl's to the rescue: This highly-rated, hydrating hand salve can revive skin in even the toughest conditions.
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18. Tiffany caduceus clip ballpoint pen
  • What makes it a great gift? Elegant and refined, this sterling silver pen is a truly special gift. Made by renowned jewelry Tiffany & Co., the clip of this pen features the dual snake and winged staff of the caduceus symbol associated with medicine.
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Good reads for doctors

If the physician in your life loves to unwind with a good book, these five reads are great options for a thoughtful present.

19. Diagnosis: Solving the Most Baffling Medical Mysteries
  • What makes it a great gift? Yale School of Medicine physician Lisa Sanders, MD, recounts some of the most unusual medical cases she wrote about in her New York Times column about medical mysteries. This book catalogs the 50 most memorable cases and discusses the difficulties behind diagnosing and treating symptoms that are not so clear-cut.
  • Shop link: Get the book on
20. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
  • What makes it a great gift? Widely considered to be an essential read, late neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks dives into the most difficult neurological cases he encountered. Originally published in 1985, the 2021 re-release includes a new introductory essay Dr. Sacks wrote shortly before his death.
  • Shop link: Shop the book at
21. Letter to a Young Female Physician
  • What makes it a great gift? Written by Suzanne Koven, MD, this book is full of advice for women who are starting their careers in medicine. Drawing on decades of experience, Dr. Koven writes about what she wishes her younger self would have known before embarking on this difficult career path. 
  • Shop link: Buy the book on Books-A-Million
22. Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters In The End
  • What makes it a great gift? Tackling end-of-life questions is one of the hardest dilemmas for any clinician. In Being Mortal, surgeon Atul Gawande writes about the importance of prioritizing quality of life in patient care.
  • Shop link: Get Being Mortal on Amazon 
23. The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly
  • What makes it a great gift? If you're shopping for a recent med school graduate, this book is for them. In this book, Dr. Matt McCarthy details what students can and should expect during their first year of residency, covering the often-heavy dose of reality that comes with transitioning from school to real patients. Told from his own stories, the Weill Cornell Medical College professor offers advice to new physicians poised to enter the world of medicine.
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Food and drink gifts

For friends and family members who appreciate experiences, specialty foods and drinks make useful and considerate gifts. Try these gifts of food and drink for unique offerings the "foodie " physician in your life will appreciate.

24. Vahdam Teas herbal tea sampler
  • What makes it a great gift? If the doctor in your life avoids caffeine, an herbal tea sampler is a delicious alternative. This gift box offers an assortment of six teas, featuring wellness-boosting ingredients like turmeric and ginger.
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25. Cococlectic chocolate tasting box
  • What makes it a great gift? This gourmet treat from Cococlectic comes with tasting notes, a great gift for the doctor in your life who's also a foodie and appreciates trying new things.
  • Shop link: Buy and ship chocolate tasting from Cococlectic
26. Breville Bambino Espresso Maker
  • What makes it a great gift? Caffeine makes the world go ‘round, and for many physicians, it's essential for getting through long days. Compact yet powerful, the Breville Bambino Espresso Maker creates delicious, high-quality drinks at home.
  • Shop link: Buy Breville Bambino at Bed, Bath & Beyond
27. BeanBox Coffee of the Month Club
  • What makes it a great gift? Perfect to use with the coffee maker in this gift guide, a coffee of the month subscription through BeanBox offers an easy way for a busy doctor to test new brews.
  • Shop link: Gift a BeanBox subscription
28. Naturebox Everyone's Favorite Giftbox
  • What makes it a great gift? It's easy to reach for sugar-laden donuts when breaks are short and often interrupted. A busy doctor needs a stash of healthy snacks that offers nutritional value without sacrificing taste.
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Gifts for self-care

Taking a little "me time " is easier said than done for a doctor with a full schedule. These gifts make it easy for them to take a break, even if it's just for a few minutes of peace and quiet.


29. Diptyque set of three holiday scented candles
  • What makes it a great gift? Candles set just the right mood for unwinding and resting, and are small enough to transform any space. A delightful smelling candle delivers zen in an instant.
  • Shop link: Buy on


30. Theragun Mini
  • What makes it a great gift? Stiff, tight muscles are a given after a long and difficult day. The Theragun Mini is small enough to place in a bag or leave in an office drawer without giving up on the power its larger version is famous for.
  • Shop link:


31. Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser
32. Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat
  • What makes it a great gift? Not every physician has time for regular massages. A machine is a great substitute: This massager can be left under a desk or kept at home. This Brookstone model couples Shiatsu deep tissue massaging with compression, while a built-in heater delivers extra relief.
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33. Gravity weighted sleep mask


34. HealthyLine far infrared heating pad
  • What makes it a great gift? Heat is good for sore, tight, and achy muscles. An infrared heating pad can bring welcome relief after a long and physically exhausting day. This far infrared heating pad offers an adjustable temperature and a hot stone surface that applies weight to pressure points on your body. At 18 " by 18 ", it's versatile enough on any area of the body.
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35. A 1-year subscription to Headspace
  • What makes it a great gift? Meditation and mindfulness pack powerful effects into just a few minutes. Apps like Headspace make practicing meditation easy and accessible from anywhere. A one-year subscription to the app is the gift that keeps on giving.
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The best gifts for doctors are practical, useful, and meaningful

Whether you're shopping for a loved one or for your own personal physician, you can't go wrong with a useful gift that contributes to their ability to care for patients. But when everyone else is sending candy-filled coffee mugs and floral bouquets, you can stand out with a powerful item that they'll use for years to come: Eko. Our advanced stethoscopes bring noise cancellation technology, sound amplification, and recording capabilities to the Littmann stethoscope. Through the HIPAA compliant Eko smartphone app, you can record, analyze, and store patient auscultation recordings, simplifying collaboration with medical teams and better tracking how certain issues progress. Explore the collection in the Eko store.