10 Things to Know and Have for Nursing School

Summary: We collaborated with our community of clinicians and nurses to compile a list of 10 things to have and know for nursing school. These must-have items make fantastic gift ideas for nurses.
10 Things to Know and Have for Nursing School

Must-Have Products

1. The right scrubs and awesome shoes that can last a full day in the classroom and clinic.
Scrubs for nursing students
Cherokee Uniforms offers a wide selection of scrubs for men and women.


2. A versatile stethoscope that provides clear heart, lung, and body sounds for both adult and pediatric patients. A quality stethoscope is needed to measure blood pressure.
Stethoscope for nursing students
Chris Flakoo is a nursing student who uses the Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope

3. Compression socks/stockings to ease being on your feet all day long. These will help with circulation and prevent pain. 15-20mmHg is best for the most effective compression.
compression socks for nurses
Brittney at The Nerdy Nurse highlights compression socks for nurses.


4. A small bottle of hand sanitizer that will fit into your pocket so you can wash your hands between patients.
Nurse Hand Sanitizer
Etsy has awesome personalized sanitizer pouches!


5. A handy watch for when you can't reach your phone to check the time.
scrub watch for nurses
Speidel Scrub Watch. Read more at Watchranker.com


Important things to Know/Remember
6. Failure isn't the end of the world; resilience is key to success.
"I fell seven times, I got up eight. " - @jpscott.med

7. Remind yourself why you started! Doing this will keep you motivated for the hardest days.
Sorry I can't I'm in Nursing School
An RN stays positive through nursing school.


8. Every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours. Make your impact positive and great.
Nursing Student
Jesse Salinas, BSN, RN shares advice to fellow students.
9. Build a relationship with nursing students a semester ahead of you. They can send you their old syllabus and give you a headstart on topics!
Stethoscope for med students
Medical students hone auscultation with CORE Digital Stethoscope


10. Optimize your study habits so you can get through nursing school successfully. Dedicate one day each week to reviewing old notes and strengthening your knowledge.
@futurenursebay shows off her study kit


Eko is honored to work with Chris Hernandez on this article, who is a nursing student at the Bronx Community College Nursing program in NYC. Chris uses Eko stethoscopes during school clinical settings and while tutoring first-semester nursing students. While in school, Chris works as a medical scribe at CityMD and aspires to become an ER Trauma RN after graduation.