Digital Stethoscopes

Summary: Learn the value of digital stethoscopes.
Digital Stethoscopes


Electronic stethoscopes are enhanced analog stethoscopes with features such as noise cancellation, filtering, and amplification. In addition to these features, the Eko CORE and DUO use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns and provide valuable insights into a patient's health.



The Eko CORE digital stethoscope enhances auscultation through amplification, active noise cancellation, and powerful software. CORE supports wireless auscultation using the Eko App and headphones and lets you visualize what you hear through waveforms streamed in real-time to a smartphone or tablet. With CORE, you can seamlessly toggle between traditional analog and enhanced digital auscultation for added insights.


The Eko DUO is the first-ever combined electronic stethoscope + handheld ECG. DUO amplifies heart, lung, and body sounds up to 32x and includes customizable audio filter modes. The single-lead ECG on DUO allows the user to monitor the heart's electrical activity and screen for arrhythmias. The combined audio and ECG signal allows Eko algorithms to achieve new levels of clarity and provide even more insight into patient cardiac health.