Nurses Month: Inspiring Stories of Nurses

Summary: Eko recognizes, appreciates, and celebrates the essential contributions of nurses to healthcare and society. We #AmplifyNurses to raise awareness about nursing, promote advocacy, and show appreciation for their selfless service and dedication to patient care. We invite all nurses of any background and specialty to share your story to help #AmplifyNurses as we celebrate Nurses Month and beyond.
Young smiling nurse standing outside of building
Jeseeka Gustave, MSN, APRN FNP-C
Smiling nurse poses with stethoscope in shape of heart


Hi, my name is Jeseeka Gustave. I'm a family nurse practitioner and author of The Nursing Survival Guide. I went into the field of nursing is because at a young age I got to see first hand the amazing work of nurses at the bedside. My baby sister developed leukemia at age 2 and was in and out of the hospital. The nurses not only made sure my sister felt comfortable, but my family as well. I will never forget the compassion and care they provided during that difficult time. It was that moment in my life I knew I wanted to be a nurse, and I haven't looked back since. The journey wasn't easy — there were times I stumbled, and the path seemed very far away, but I never gave up. If there's one piece of wisdom I can impart to an aspiring nurse, it's this: don't give up. If this is the profession you know in your heart is where you're meant to be, then never give up on that dream. I have failed a million times, and have even had my place in this profession questioned, but through it all I said I will become a nurse — a nurse just like the ones who took care of my baby sister when she was battling leukemia. Through my persistence, hard work, faith in myself, and the encouragement of others, I did. 

Kristine Tuttle, BSN, RN
Young smiling nurse standing outside of building


I survived nursing school...and you can too! Although I finished nursing school and now that I'm an RN, my heart is for nursing education. I struggled so much in nursing school and my passion is to help students not struggle as much as I did. I started a business called NurseInTheMaking while I was in nursing school. I did an intense program to get my BSN in 11 short months. I immediately struggled; the textbooks were confusing, the professors were mean, and I struggled to learn from a PowerPoint lecture. So I decided to create my own study guides. These guides have helped me personally as well as hundreds of thousands of others make nursing school just a little more manageable. I've dedicated almost all my time over the last 2 years to making nursing education fun, creative, and visual. I love what I do and I love the students I get to help every day. I hope you find comfort knowing that everyone struggles at times. Nursing school is emotionally and physically draining. My goal is to help students navigate through all the information because there is A LOT of it in nursing school.

Everett Moss II, BSN, RN, SRNA
Smiling nurse poses wearing "Nurse Mentor" shirt


I began my journey as a firefighter/paramedic then became a registered nurse. Now I’m currently 14 months away from completing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice in nurse anesthesia. Nursing is an amazing field of medicine with opportunities to have an impact on healthcare in any way you can imagine. Each and every position is essential to improving patient outcomes. If no one has told you lately, thank you for being an amazing nurse, and the work you do is needed. Happy Nurses Month!

Jenny Ang, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC


I’m Jenny Ang, a cardiology nurse practitioner. My nursing journey began as a floor nurse on a med-surg unit. After a year, I transitioned to CVICU nursing, which became my love for the next 7 years. My experiences there became the driving force to my passion for cardiology and care for the intricacies of the human heart. I've been a proud member of the nursing profession for over a decade, and I love that there's always something new to learn. Happy Nurses Month!

Diddy K. Dear, BSN, RN, CSRN
Smiling young nurse sitting on bench holding stethoscope

Hi, I’m Diddy. I’m the youngest nurse to ever graduate from Chamberlain University. I graduated with my BSN at 19 years old. I’m currently a Trauma ICU nurse and a pediatric hospice and palliative care home health nurse, and am also in school taking baby steps to achieve my DNP alongside studying to become board certified in cosmetic nursing (Botox, Fillers, Kybella, etc.). I became a nurse because I had direct impact from the nursing profession. I'm a chemo patient and have been all through my journey in becoming a nurse. The hospitalizations, surgeries, admissions, and visits didn’t make school easy, but I had a goal in mind and wasn't going to allow anything or anyone to distract me from it. As a patient, I would look through my hospital room window hoping I would make it on the other side of the glass providing care instead of the one receiving it. While I still receive care, I am thankful that I'm able to provide it, too. My promise when becoming a nurse was to never ever allow a patient to go through what I did alone. I promised that I would never turn my back on anyone who needed me most. To those who want to be a nurse, are currently a nursing student, or a new graduate nurse: focus on your goal and never let anyone or anything distract you from it. Do anything and everything to get you there. Remember it makes it all worth it even if it’s just one patient that you inspire, touch their heart, or aid in their healing. That’s a mission accomplished.