Revitalizing the Physical Exam

Presented by Eko and Health Recovery Solutions.

Revitalizing the Physical Exam for the Future of Healthcare

The rise of diagnostic technology and increasing restrictions on time are moving many healthcare professionals away from the traditional physical exam. This trend is worrisome, as it risks delays in diagnosis and leads to costly and unnecessary testing and treatments. Join our panel of experts to discuss why the physical exam continues to be so important in healthcare and how we can preserve the practice both in-person and in telemedicine settings as we move toward the future of healthcare. We’ll aim to unpack:

  • What’s happening to the physical exam in healthcare today
  • Why it’s important to maintain an emphasis on physical examination
  • Challenges that prevent healthcare professionals from performing a thorough examination
  • How physical exams can be adapted for telemedicine
  • How the right mix of education and technology can help preserve this crucial aspect of healthcare
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