Eko Team Orders

Empower Your Workforce

Supply your hospital system, medical school, clinic, or non-profit with Eko’s suite of smart stethoscopes.

Benefits of Team Orders

Eko offers customized pricing and payment options for team orders of 15 or more stethoscopes.
Virtual Exams – Now with Auscultation

Unmatched Sound

Signs of heart disease can be heard in seconds with unmatched sound quality.

  • Up to 40x sound amplification
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth functionality for wireless listening
Seamless Telehealth Integration

Enhanced Point-of-Care Detection

Eko enables earlier and more consistent heart disease detection that improves outcomes.

  • Auto-triggered murmur and AFib detection
  • FDA cleared structural murmur analysis software
  • Non-disruptive to your auscultation routine

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Virtual Exams – Now with Auscultation

Shareable Findings

Heart and lung sounds can be shared with colleagues or specialists with the Eko App.

  • One-tap report generation
  • Secure and HIPPA-compliant livestreaming
  • Recording storage for future reference

Speak with our Sales team to learn about our Enterprise solutions.

Devices for Every Kind of Care

View our suite of smart stethoscopes to outfit your team.

Join 100s of Thousands of Clinicians in the Fight Against Heart Disease

Eko helps healthcare professionals detect heart and lung disease earlier and with higher accuracy, diagnose with more confidence, manage treatment effectively, and ultimately give patients the best care possible.

Let’s Work Together

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