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Master Your Stethoscope

Better learning means better care.

Discover and refine the art of auscultation in and out of the classroom.

Eko helps you focus on the sounds that matter most. Augment your training with digitally enhanced tools and a dedicated training portal to sharpen your ears for the most challenging cases.

High-Fidelity Sound
Eko stethoscopes enable clinicians to hear auscultation sounds in the most challenging environments with active noise cancellation, digital amplification, and cardiology-grade acoustics.
Visualize Sounds & ECG
Get the fastest and most comprehensive insight to cardiovascular function with heart rhythm ECG tracings and sound visualization (PCG).
FDA-cleared AI algorithms analyze heart sounds & ECG for murmurs & AFib—detect complications early—without a more costly and time consuming workup.
Scalable Telehealth
Bring high-fidelity stethoscope sound, ECG tracing, AI, and sound visualization (PCG) to perform a comprehensive exam from anywhere.
Connected Dashboard
The Eko Platform syncs to the Connected Dashboard for deeper analysis and downloadable reports. HIPAA compliant & SOC 2 certified to keep data safe.
Who uses this?
Healthcare students in any specialty.
Teaching Institutions
Healthcare education institutions of all specialties.
School, Correctional, and Employee Telehealth
Scalable solutions for any telehealth instance.
From the field

"Eko has been a helpful tool that allows us to broadcast live auscultation sounds to a large group of medical students to help them better grasp auscultation and its role in diagnostic reasoning."

Dr. Wilson
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
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