Eko Solutions

Turn Physicals Digital

Add real-time auscultation data capture and analysis to your telehealth solution.

Boost your digital health services with AI-augmented auscultation and ECG monitoring directly from your platform.

Eko provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant, integration with your telehealth platform or EMR, adding remote monitoring and screening to your existing services.

High-fidelity Sound
Eko stethoscopes enable clinicians to hear auscultation sounds in the most challenging environments with active noise cancellation, digital amplification, and cardiology-grade acoustics.
Easy Integration
Eko is an interoperable solution that can be deployed within days and scaled to meet your needs. Eko integrates with technology partners with an SDK/API, single sign-on (SSO), and EMR integration.
FDA-cleared AI algorithms analyze heart sounds & ECG for murmurs & AFib—detect complications early—without a more costly and time consuming workup.
Who uses this?
Hospitals & IDNs
Health systems and provider groups of all sizes.
Rural Clinics
Clinics located in a rural, medically under-served areas.
School, Correctional, and Employee Telehealth
Scalable solutions for any telehealth instance.
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Providers working for skilled nursing, short-term, and long-term care facilities.
Teaching Institutions
Healthcare education institutions of all specialties.
From the field

"Eko helps our clinic treat 800 patients via telehealth with a thorough implementation, high-quality audio, and only requiring a single license fee."

Billy Sample
Telehealth Resource Center Program Manager, MAO
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