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Eko welcomes the opportunity to partner with research institutions, resellers & distributors, and healthcare technology platforms to advance our mission of improving cardiovascular care.

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Research Partners

We partner with academic medical centers and research institutions around the world to develop and validate our clinical algorithms. For example, Northwestern Medicine and Eko are partnering on a novel clinical trial designed to develop and validate Valvular Heart Disease screening algorithms. The clinical trial is part of the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute’s new Center for Artificial Intelligence.

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Resellers & Distributors

We're proud to partner with healthcare resellers and distributors to expand our reach and bring our platform to any health system. For example, Eko and Iron Bow Technologies have partnered to deliver Eko's cardiac monitoring solutions to the Veterans Health Administration. If you're a reseller or distributor interested in collaborating, we'd love to hear from you.

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SDK & API Integrators

Using our SDKs and APIs, remote patient monitoring, EHR, and telehealth platforms can integrate our devices and software directly into their clinical workflow. For example, Healthcare Recovery Solutions, a remote monitoring platform serving over 120 health systems, has embedded the Eko SDK and API directly into the HRS software application, giving over 100,000 patients access to Eko's technology with the touch of a button.

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