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Students and educators are using digital stethoscopes to learn and teach auscultation sounds more easily and effectively. Take advantage of exclusive savings and try it for yourself. Sale ends August 27.

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I’m a resident in the third year of internal medicine residency. I use this device for teaching purposes to advocate better physical exams among my peers.
Ryan L.
Internal Medicine Resident
I can hear murmurs that were not audible with normal scopes. I use this to teach my clinic patients about my findings by recording the sounds on my phone and having them listen to the recording. This is the best tool in my toolbox.
Richard T.
Physician Assistant
There’s finally perfection in a digital stethoscope with excellent sound quality and elimination of ambient noise. It’s lightweight and easy to toggle between digital and analog. Truly the best digital stethoscope ever!
Adam S.
I absolutely love this stethoscope. Sometimes in pediatrics when children are crying it's super hard to hear their heart and lungs but with the amplified stethoscope it makes it so much easier!
Nicole B.
Registered Nurse

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The Eko Back-to-School Sale is active August 24-27, 2023. Access exclusive savings by using the discount code from your email in your shopping cart or checkout screen. Discounts may vary based on the stethoscope, and the free case is not available on the Eko CORE™ Digital Attachment.