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More Clinical Insight at the Point of Care

Eko provides cardiac and respiratory insights, at scale, and within existing clinical workflows, with AI-enabled digital stethoscope technology.

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Generate more clinical insight at the point of care to support R&D and commercial strategies. Eko's technology helps you detect and monitor cardiopulmonary conditions to improve therapy development and commercialization.

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Clinical Trial Support
Clinical Trial Support
Reduce study risk and accelerate clinical trials with a more complete picture of participants’ cardiovascular health.
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Commercialization Support
Commercialization Support
Increase detection and shorten time to treatment.
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R&D Collaborations
R&D Collaborations
Collaborate to develop algorithms that align with your business case, support front line disease detection, and enhance patient outcomes.
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How Eko Supports Life Science Companies

AI-Powered Digital Stethoscopes

Add automated disease detection to the traditional stethoscope exam. Swap analog stethoscopes for digital to:

  • Capture and record heart and lung sounds.
  • Integrate ECG for an additional dimension of cardiac function.
  • Archive data for longitudinal comparison and overread.
  • Apply AI to extract more insight.
Robust AI Algorithms

Make informed clinical decisions for research and patient care in seconds with Eko’s FDA-cleared algorithms. During auscultation, our AI-powered software analyzes and securely transmits cardiovascular data to the Eko App for cardiac analysis.

Telehealth-Ready Software

Support your decentralized studies with real-time access to cardiopulmonary insights. One-tap sharing through the Eko App connects clinicians to patients, facilitating recorded or live-streamed exams from anywhere.

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