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Determining how new drugs, treatments, and procedures affect cardiac function is essential to life science innovation. Partnering with research experts, Eko accelerates the delivery of high-quality cardiac data for both clinical trial and post-market validation.

Powering clinical trials.

Eko equips clinical researchers with the data to understand how their drug, device, or therapeutic is affecting cardiovascular output. The leading technology for sound and ECG analytics can help push your research to the next level.

Fueling phase iv.

We understand the need for insight and validation doesn’t end with FDA approval. Eko can help life science companies measure the continued safety and effectiveness of their therapeutics in our communities with enhanced patient monitoring both in-clinic and at-home.

Focus on analyzing,
not organizing.

Eko clinical dashboard centralizes all captured patient data in a single, HIPAA-compliant, and easy to manage interface. Study teams can easily trend longitudinal data and partner with Eko's research team to better understand critical cardiovascular biomarkers.

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Medcity News - Mayo Clinic, Eko Pair Up On Machine Learning Tech to Screen for Heart Diseases

The tool harnesses Mayo Clinic’s cardiovascular database and expertise in heart disease screening combined with Eko’s cardiac monitoring platform

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