Stethoscopes for clinicians in emergency rooms

Healthcare workers need a stethoscope that protects them from infection so that they can focus on caring for their patients. Frontline providers wearing stethoscopes can be exposed to viruses.

Safety first

Reducing Disease Exposure

Frontline providers use auscultation to make critical triage and management decisions. This places them in direct contact with their patients, and makes them highly vulnerable to infection during outbreaks. Eko stethoscopes gives providers options for reducing disease exposure by removing bodily contact. Sounds can be transmitted wirelessly by local Bluetooth and remote WiFi, delivering best-in-class heart sounds, lung sounds, and ECG data.

The Eko CORE Digital Attachment and 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope provide wireless functionality utilizing Bluetooth technology. We do not recommend cutting or ripping the tubing on the 3M Littmann CORE Stethoscope.

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Triage Decisions for COVID-19

The Stethoscope is a universal tool that enables clinicians to quickly assess patients heart and lung sounds during triage. The COVID-19 workflow uses lung sounds to identify wheezes for escalation to proper treatment protocols.

Patient with
Respiratory Symptoms

Triage Decision Tree

How Eko Can Help

Wireless Stethoscopes

Cardiology-grade stethoscopes offer active noise cancellation for traditional or wireless auscultations. Stream heart & lung sounds directly to the Eko App.

Infection Control Workflow Kit

A Triage and Emergency Room specific COVID-19 all-in-one diagnosis and short distance wireless Telehealth solution .


Eko Telemedicine enables access to video and stethoscope live streams so they can monitor cardiovascular health from any location.

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