Earlier detection.
Better outcomes.

Improving patient outcomes is our collective challenge. Deployed across the system, Eko Enterprise is a powerful HIPAA compliant platform, enabling earlier detection and data-driven home monitoring of cardiovascular disease.

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Powerful point-of-care screening.

There are 30 seconds carved out of every exam to assess cardiac health. How insightful can that half-minute be? Eko helps clinicians quickly get a comprehensive understanding of cardiovascular conditions.

Here are the conditions we help screen for:
Structural Heart Disease

Amplification, sound visualization, and murmur-screening algorithms help clinicians identify the presence of structural heart conditions.

Atrial Fibrillation

DUO’s single-lead ECG and accompanying algorithms enable clinicians to screen for rhythm abnormalities.

Heart Failure

In partnership with the Mayo Clinic, Eko is developing a novel algorithm that detects low ejection fraction using a single-lead ECG.

*Eko's heart failure algorithms are in development and have not been FDA-Cleared

Smarter remote patient monitoring.

The continuum of care is moving from clinic to home. Eko’s patient facing software, Eko Home, allow patients to stream data to providers, and clinicians to monitor patients, outside the four walls of the hospital.

Simple patient enrollment

With a provider's prescription, patients can download the Eko mobile app and begin sending recordings back to their care team.

Guided patient recording

Visual tutorials walk patients step-by-step through daily capture of heart sound and ECG recordings with their DUO device.

Provider to patient visibility

Patient sounds & ECGs are instantly synced with their provider's enterprise dashboard for immediate or future analysis.

Real-time telemedicine.

The ability to hear clear heart and lungs sounds is critical to the success of a telemedicine consult. Eko’s platform powers reliable real-time connection between clinicians and patients.

Portal to
your practice.

The Eko Enterprise dashboard ensures patient care, not complexity, remains the center of attention. Organize and annotate recordings, easily share files for a second opinion, and monitor cardiac conditions with newfound clarity.

View and analyze

See and analyze heart sounds and ECGs..

Share across the team

Synchronous or asynchronous data sharing across the care team.

Sync with your EHR 

Integrate reports and captured recordings with most EHRs.

We listened to health systems.

Review Eko plans—crafted to the size of your enterprise and scope of care.

Eko Enterprise

Access to structural heart disease screening algorithm

Access to atrial fibrillation screening algorithm

Live streaming of sounds & ECGs

Seamless EHR integration

Premium support  

Administrative controls

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Eko Enterprise + Home

All the features of Eko Enterprise plus:

Patient-facing mobile application

Guided patient tutorials for data capture

Simple dashboard to manage all enrolled patients

Longitudinal trending and analysis of recordings

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