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Eko is your partner in providing the highest standard of cardiovascular care. Use Eko to amplify heart and lung sounds, visualize what you hear, and preview the industry’s most advanced heart sound AI.

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A clinician needs a really good reason to switch stethoscopes. Eko designed two: CORE, delivering 40X sound amplification and active noise cancellation for your current stethoscope or as your replacement; and DUO, the first-ever stethoscope to combine crystal clear sound with ECG. Both FDA cleared devices seamlessly pair with Eko’s HIPAA-compliant software.


  • Amplify heart, lung, and bowel sounds for easier listening
  • Connect with the free Eko mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Visualize sound and ECG rhythms
  • Save, track, and securely share recordings
  • Access all of your data from the Eko web dashboard

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