Stethoscope Reviews by Doctors, Nurses, Veterinarians, & Students - 2020

February 26, 2020

Stethoscopes are the universal medical device in the world and are used by millions of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals every day. Clinicians regularly are required to buy their own stethoscope, and therefore is a very sacred tool that is used shift after shift during their career. Because a stethoscope is such a valuable tool, it's vital to purchase the stethoscope that best matches your clinical needs! Listen to the video testimonials to learn how different types of clinicians use Eko stethoscopes is their practice or classroom settings.

Cardiology Stethoscope Review

Dr. Haider is an Interventional Cardiologist whose Instagram profile is respected for educating medical students about innovative technologies, heart abnormalities, and all things cardiovascular. In this review, Dr. Haider compares the size of the redesigned CORE to the previous generation and explains how active noise cancellation reduces artifact through the electronic stethoscope. Learn More

Medical Student Stethoscope Reviews

Jennaire Lewars is a cardiology bound medical student who is has used the family of Eko stethoscopes through medical school for the last couple of years. Because Jennaire is tracking to become a cardiologist, he generally uses Eko as a traditional analog stethoscope to test his acuity and powers on the stethoscope on when a situation calls for amplified sounds. Learn More

J.P. Scott
unboxes the CORE Digital Stethoscope and explains how a lighter stethoscope is essential for wearing all day in a clinic. As a medical student, J.P. appreciates how amplifying heart sounds helps him better master auscultation with a stethoscope. Learn More

Nursing Student Stethoscope Review

Chris Flakoo is a nursing student who first enhanced his Littmann Stethoscope with the CORE Digital Attachment to help in nursing school. In this review, Chris explains how pairing the CORE with the Eko App helps him share heart sounds with his teachers and engage curious patients. Learn More

Veterinary Student Stethoscope Review

Rachel is a fourth-year veterinary student who is passionate about helping future veterinarians with advice through her Instagram profile. Active noise cancellation is an essential feature for veterinarians because it reduces the rustling sound fur makes when examining an animal with a stethoscope. Learn More

EKG Stethoscope Review

Dr. Mark Vaughan is a primary care physician at Auburn Medical Group and has a YouTube Channel where he educates and entertains other clinicians through informative video tutorials. In the videos, Dr. Vaughan demonstrates how the DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope can be used as both a stethoscope and a single-lead ECG to screen patients for heart disease. Learn More

AI Stethoscope Review

Dr. Friedman, the Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Mayo Clinic demonstrates how pairing the DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope with artificial intelligence algorithms can screen patients for heart early signs of heart disease in just 15 seconds. Learn More

Noise Canceling Stethoscope Review

Dr. Andrew Kim M.D. takes time to unbox, review the CORE Digital Stethoscope, with active noise cancellation, and compare it to the previous generation stethoscope. Learn More

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