This Smart Stethoscope Attachment Could Lead to More Accurate Diagnoses

Matt Safford

January 16, 2015

Sometimes, the best way to make new technology appealing is to integrate it into existing devices. That’s the idea behind the Eko Core, a tool that brings the modern stethoscope into the age of the smartphone and cloud computing.

The Core, developed by Berkeley, California-based startup Eko Devices, pairs with a smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth, and records heart sounds. The audio can instantly be shared with a cardiologist anywhere for an expert opinion, or compared to heart sounds in a cloud-based database, to help discern the likelihood of a heart murmur or other serious issue.

Rather than replacing the traditional stethoscope, which many physicians see as an emblem of their profession, the Eko Core attaches to it, between the ear and chest pieces, allowing the analogue features of the stethoscope to remain intact.


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