Eko Telehealth: Solutions for In-Clinic and At-Home Telemedicine

May 10, 2020

Telehealth is an essential tool in our collective fight to #beatCOVID. In response to COVID-19, healthcare providers are now able to offer telehealth services to Medicare beneficiaries at physician offices, hospitals, nursing homes, rural health clinic, or at home.

We are proud to offer health systems 30-days complimentary Eko Telehealth access. Visit our Telemedicine page to learn more.

Video Transcript

Telehealth is an essential tool in our collective response to COVID-19.

Remote virtual healthcare can deliver high quality care while reducing high risk exposure to infectious diseases, but it is only effective if providers can get the critical information they need to examine their patients.

Eko is the only platform that live streams stethoscope sounds and EKG in real time between patients and providers.

The platform has embedded video conferencing, but can also work alongside most existing video conferencing platforms a health system may have in place.

Eko's mobile application is easy for patients to use.

With only a single click patients at home can start sharing sounds and EKGs with their providers.

Direct to patient Telehealth with Eko keeps patients connected to their care teams from the comfort and safety of their homes.

5 Steps of In-Clinic Telemedicine

  1. Initiate in-clinic telemedicine visit between consultant, medical assistant, and patient.
  2. Consultant guides the examination with medical assistant and patient.
  3. Stream video, stethoscope sounds, and ECG rhythms.
  4. Eko AI screens for heart murmurs & AFib.
  5. Conclude appointment.
5 Steps of At-Home Telemedicine

  1. Patient activates the free Eko Telehealth App.
  2. Patient pairs the DUO Digital Stethoscope and initiates the visit.
  3. Clinician guides the patients through the virtual exam.
  4. Eko AI screens for heart murmurs & AFIB.
  5. Conclude appointment.

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