Study Published in Nature Medicine Shows Mayo Clinic ECG Algorithm is Early Indicator of Heart Failure; Eko Makes it Available to All

Eko Team

February 17, 2019

Earlier this month the Mayo Clinic released research findings in Nature Medicine related to an artificial intelligence-based ECG analysis tool that helps screen for heart failure with unprecedented accuracy, simplicity, and speed. Eko is excited to make this AI algorithm commercially available in partnership with the Mayo Clinic.

The results of this new study further validates the accuracy of the algorithm, which when combined with the Eko DUO, provides any doctor, nurse, or healthcare practitioner with the ability to listen to a patient’s chest and be alerted to Low Ejection Fraction (low EF), a condition which an estimated seven million Americans have.

Coupling the AI algorithm with our platform allows us to get the combined innovation into the hands and workflows of more doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers. With heart disease consistently ranked as the leading cause of death for both men and women, real world deployments of the algorithm could help with earlier detection of many more people, including those in smaller or more remote communities. This detection tool can help with catching weak heart problems before they become severe, potentially saving many lives.

Our next step is to seek regulatory approval for this technology with the FDA and continue to validate its efficacy in clinic.

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