Meet Deena Ramahi – Nurse BSN, an Eko Hero

May 2, 2019

We are celebrating Nurses Week with a feature about one of our favorite nurses, Deena Ramahi, AKA @Ninjaanurse

Why Nursing

Deena Ramahi is a nurse at Aurora St. Lukes Medical Center. She was drawn to medicine by family circumstances—not because she had family members in the medical profession, but because her mother became seriously ill while she was still in high school.

“Being the oldest, I had to be the one in charge. I didn’t know what to do. It drove me to want to study medicine. My mom is the reason why I got into nursing, why I wanted to be something big.”

Ramahi’s mother is doing better now, and she has two nurses in the family to look after her. Ramahi’s sister decided to go into nursing as well.


On her breaks, and around the house, Ramahi likes to listen to music at a level most would consider intolerable. “I like it loud enough so I can’t hear anyone around me. I do get yelled at by my mom. She’s like ‘you gotta get those headphones off!’”

She’s also into martial arts. Ramahi is a high red belt in Tai Kwan Do, just two belts away from earning her black belt.

Eko Kudos

Deena started using an Eko digital stethoscope in nursing school. It especially came in handy when she found herself on the floor, surrounded by noise. “I wasn’t very good at hearing the lung and heart sounds,” she said. “When I got the Eko, I was able to hear things better and more clearly and understand what I was listening to. Having this stethoscope really helped me as a nurse.”

Today, Ramahi has several stethoscopes, but the Eko is the one she reaches for first, again and again. “It’s the number one stethoscope I use out of my collection. It’s really really great and I love using it.”

The Eko has even earned a reputation among Deena’s colleagues. “A lot of my coworkers ask to use it, especially when they can’t hear blood pressure or heart sounds from their patients. Honestly, they love it and give it a 100 percent rating.”

Stories and Tips

As a dedicated digital stethoscope user, Ramahi has some advice for clinicians considering making the switch themselves.

“Make sure to listen very carefully to things and understand what you’re listening to because it can really affect what happens to your patient.,” she said. “For instance, I’ve heard things that I’d never heard before with it.”

In fact, Deena has caught heart murmurs with the aid of the Eko.

“I was just doing my full assessment and listening to my patient and I realized the heart was a little bit of a different sound. I told the provider I used my electronic stethoscope because I can hear better with it. Then he listened and agreed they had a heart murmur.” She takes great pride in the fact that she was able to catch a condition she may have missed with an ordinary stethoscope. After all, giving care, and above all, excellent and informed care, is why Ramahi became a nurse.

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